Common Reasons for Visiting an OBGYN specialist

Women are encouraged to visit their gynecologist at least once or twice a year. The visits usually focus on improving your reproductive health. In most cases, your OBGYN specialist usually performs various tests and exams to help determine if you have any conditions, infections, or potential tumors. Doing so helps your specialist detect such concerns early and offers the best treatment or preventive measures to promote your reproductive health. You can therefore seek OBGYN Trinity Florida services, especially if you are suffering from various gynecological conditions to help improve your reproductive health. Other reasons why you might consult your OBGYN include the following:

Overall physical health

Most care providers recommend that women begin OBGYN for women between thirteen and fifteen annually or biannually. During your visit, your care provider usually conducts a physical examination that entails determining your BMI, and vital signs, palpating the inguinal lymph nodes, palpating your abdomen, and assessing your overall health status. Others will undergo a pelvic examination and tests.

Irregular menstruation

If you have concerns with your menstrual cycle, you are encouraged to consult your OBGYN to make a diagnosis and prompt treatment. In some cases, irregular menstruation may indicate a serious underlying condition. Therefore, if your periods are irregular, have stopped, or the blood flow during menstruation changes, you should visit your OBGYN for diagnosis and treatment before developing some complications in the future.

Breast exams

Women over forty are recommended to undergo a breast examination because they are at a greater risk of developing breast cancer. However, if you have a family history of breast cancer, you might be required to start undergoing breast examinations early to help detect cancer during its early stages, which is treatable. Therefore, ensure you schedule OBYGN visits because it is through these visits that your care provider can detect breast cancer.

Birth control

In most cases, for every sexually active woman who is not ready to bear children, you can consult your OBGYN care provider to help you determine which birth control method works best for you. Usually, various birth control methods are effective in preventing pregnancy and are available for both men and women. Therefore, you can consult your care provider to help determine which family planning method will work for you and will not worsen certain underlying conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, or breast cancer.


You can also conduct OBGYN visits, especially when you and your partner fight infertility. Gynecologists usually offer various treatment options for female infertility, especially if you and your partner have been trying to get pregnant for over a year or when the woman is over thirty-five years, and you want to conceive. Your care provider can help deal with various fertility problems, thus enabling you to conceive.

You can also consult an OBGYN, especially if you suffer from various STDS, UTIs, and other symptoms associated with menstruation. Since you have learned some of the common reasons you need to consult an OBGYN specialist, you can start your OBGYN visits by scheduling an appointment at Suncoast Women’s Care today and receiving various services that aim at improving your reproductive health. You should ask any questions you might be having concerning your reproductive health and get help if some concerns require medical help.

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