Common Children Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases involving children have been rising rapidly. Negligence of people often causes injuries to children. If a child under 18 years of age gets injured due to an adult’s negligent act, the injuries suffered by the child can be compensated through a claim.

However, it is essential to remember that injury cases involving children are handled differently than those involving adults. You reach out to injury attorneys Huntington Beach who can get compensation for your childrens’ injury by breaking down the complexity of legal procedures.

If your child has suffered injuries and is under the age of 18, they cannot file an injury claim on their own. Instead, somebody else, primarily a parent or a guardian, represents the child with the help of a solicitor. The court will determine and consider several factors in a child’s injury case, so you need to know whether your child’s situation is suitable for compensation. 

Here are the common personal injury cases in children:

  1. Accidents while playing

While minor injuries can occur while playing in the playground, the negligence of specific people can cause severe injuries as well. For example, if the playground owner fails to keep up with the maintenance of the area and keep it safe for children to play, injuries may occur. If playground equipment is broken, the owner is obligated to repair or replace it as soon as possible or put a warning sign near it. 

  1. Accidents at school

Accidents occur at schools once in a while, especially where mischievous little kids are involved. If a child is hurt inside the school premises, the school is responsible for taking care of them and ensuring they are provided with the best possible medical care. If they fail to do so or show negligence, you must gather information about the incident and report it. 

  1. Harmful toys

While children often incorrectly use toys and cause harm to themselves, there are many instances when the product is to blame. Some children’s toys may be defective, toxic, and unsafe to play with, causing harm and injury. If it happens, you must seek medical help. This is important for your child’s health, and it can also act as medical evidence for the claim. Ensure that you have the receipts of the toys before you decide on making a claim. 

  1. Injuries during birth

If your newborn was hurt during your delivery because of a healthcare provider’s negligence or mismanagement, you might be qualified to file a claim. Negligence in such cases can lead to brain, spinal cord, hips, and shoulder injuries. 

Therefore, more than adults, children can get into a personal injury accident, so it is crucial to know the common personal injuries in children to avoid them and take preventive measures accordingly and seek an attorney’s help.

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