Common adult diseases that can happen to children!


Illnesses such as bronchitis, flu, sinusitis, and sore throat are common among children that any Child specialist in Lahore can treat. Other than that, some diseases are associated with adults, but children can also get them. These are more serious than the usual ailments and need treatment from the right specialist. Early detection is vital because managing or treating such diseases can be tricky if these diseases aren’t diagnosed at an early age. It can also lead to other health problems, including heart diseases and organ damage.

4 diseases that you should be wary of in children

1.      Obesity in children

Bulky children with pink cheeks look adorable, but are they healthy? Those with a larger body structure might be, but not all of them are. Childhood obesity is a grave health condition and needs treatment. When children become overweight due to an unhealthy diet and lack of physical activity, it can turn into obesity quickly. It can transpire into diseases, such as diabetes and blood pressure as they grow up. Not just that, obesity also leads to low self-esteem and body image issues, which can turn into mental health issues later in life. The body mass index (BMI) of your child can determine their current health condition

2.      Type 2 Diabetes

Essentially an adults’ disease, type 2 diabetes is becoming increasingly common. Obesity and type 2 diabetes go hand in hand in children, but genetics play a role in it too. This condition affects the way your child’s body processes sugar. As the symptoms of type 2 diabetes aren’t easily diagnosable, many children aren’t diagnosed till later when it gets out of hand.

3.      Depression

Physical illnesses aren’t the only ones that can affect children, mental health conditions can affect them too. Depression can affect anyone and that includes children. Feeling sad or low doesn’t always count as depression. Children have their emotional ups and downs just like adults. Though, if your child is feeling low for a long time, or their sadness is disrupting their day-to-day activities, it may be depression. In such cases, talk to a child psychologist as children may not be able to express themselves the same way as adults do.

4.      Hypertension

High blood pressure or hypertension may seem like an adult problem. Although it’s less common in children, hypertension is rising among children globally. If the blood pressure numbers of a child are above average based on their sex, height, and age, they may be suffering from hypertension. As the percentage of pediatric hypertension is low, the exact cause for it isn’t clear. Heart health is important and giving your child food that is healthy for your heart can prevent high blood pressure – at least at a young age. A yearly examination is the best way to diagnose the early onset of hypertension in children.

5.      Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Many adults suffer from sleep apnea, and usually, the cause of it is obesity. However, sleep apnea in children Is not the same. This sleep disorder occurs due to the enlargement of tonsils in children that obstructs the back of the throat. In sleep apnea, the breathing in children may pause or stop for a while. It can disturb their sleep and need to be examined by a professional.

How to know if your child has any of the above diseases?

A regular checkup by a professional is essential for people of all ages – especially children. Such diseases are harder to detect in children and thus, can be threatening. If you feel that something is unusually wrong with your child, you should find the top child specialists at and get a consult as soon as possible,

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