Combining Eclipse IDE with ADT Plugin

To develop or test an Android platform using Java, you must use the Android SDK. The Android SDK provides the tools and APIs needed to run applications on the Android platform using the Java programming language. The Android Software Kit (SDK) comes with a complete set of development tools for the Android platform.


In this context, APIs are an additional application of the Android SDK, which allows you to create special applications, libraries, services. Map External Library is a key feature of the SDK extension, which enhances the ability to create maps for Android. The Android downloadable platform features fully compatible Android system with Map Library and other built-in system components, emulator skin, Maps demo and more.

The SDK also includes the Android Virtual Device turbo c++ download to run on the Android platform, and the AVD version can be configured. Android 2.1 includes new API changes (API Level 7) and bug fixes.

Install the Android ADT Plugin in the Eclipse IDE.

The Android SDK supports Integrated Development Environment (IDE) in Eclipse 3.2 by installing the exclusive Android Development Tools (ADT) plugin. It provides an integrated environment for running Android applications. The ADT plugin can be installed using the downloadable Eclipse Remote Update feature. By adding the ADT plugin to Eclipse, it simplifies scripting, manages port forwarding, sets a breakpoint, and views and processes live data from Eclipse. Other benefits include creating a master Android app, providing an Android code editor, and using Android files for new Android apps.

ADT enhances Eclipse capabilities, launches new projects, builds UI applications, provides API-based components, and fixes applications with the help of SDK tools. The fastest way to get started with ADT. By installing ADT in Eclipse, this tool provides power and beat through integration, XML editing and customization.

ADT installation

It is important to test the system with the compatible version of Eclipse before installing ADT. To install ADT you need a compatible version of the Android SDK tools and at least one development platform. To simplify ADT settings, it is recommended that you install the SDK before installing ADT. ADT can be installed when Eclipse and SDK environments are ready. ADT can be upgraded to the latest version of Android, and there are instructions to remove it.

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