Cisco Systems, Inc.

Cisco Company Profile

Cisco Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of Internet solutions. Its equipment and software products are mainly used to connect computer network systems. In December 1984, Cisco Systems was founded in the United States. The founders were a couple of teachers at Stanford University. Leonard Bosack, director of the computer center of the computer department, and Sandy Lerner, director of the computer center of the business school. Their husband and wife designed a networking device called “Multi Protocol Router”, it is used for Stanford Campus Network (SUNet), which integrates the incompatible computer LAN in the campus to form a unified network. In 1986, the world’s first router was born in Cisco. This networking device is considered to be a sign of the real arrival of the networking era. John Chambers joined Cisco in 1991. In 1996, Chambers took charge of Cisco. It was Chambers who turned Cisco into a legend. In 1993, an Internet network with 1000 Cisco routers appeared in the world, and Cisco Systems entered a period of rapid development. At present, nearly 80% of the information flow on the Internet is transmitted through Cisco Systems products. Cisco has become an undisputed network leader. Cisco [ <a href=””>click for view training</a>] Systems currently has more than 35000 employees worldwide, with a turnover of more than USD 22 billion in 2004. Cisco Systems, Inc. is the world’s leading supplier of Internet equipment. Its network devices and applications connect people, computing devices and networks all over the world, so that people can use all kinds of devices to transmit information anytime and anywhere. Cisco provides customers with end-to-end network solutions to enable customers to establish their own unified information infrastructure or connect to other networks.

Cisco provides professional technical support for the widest range of network hardware products, Internet Operating System (IOS) software, network design and implementation in the industry, and cooperates with partners to provide technical support and professional training services in network maintenance and optimization.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Cisco is responsible for some important business operations of Cisco in Chelmsford, Massachusetts and Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

Cisco and its customers are working hard to promote the development of the Internet every day. Cisco believes that the development of the Internet will greatly change the operation model of enterprises and produce a “global network economy” model. In the first mock exam, the company can use information exchange technology to maintain a strong and interactive business relationship.

Cisco itself is the beneficiary of the “global network economy” model. By using network applications across the Internet and Intranet, the operation cost is greatly reduced and the direct income is increased. This increases Cisco’s revenue by USD 825 million a year and increases customer and partner satisfaction. Cisco’s competitiveness in customer support, product reservation and delivery time has also been greatly improved. Cisco currently has the world’s largest Internet business site, and 90% of its global business transactions are completed online.

Cisco is one of the most successful companies in the United States. Since the production of the first router in 1986, Cisco has occupied the first or second market share in every field it enters and become the market leader. Since its listing in 1990, Cisco’s annual revenue has increased from USD 69 million to USD 22.29 billion in 2001. The company has more than 36000 employees worldwide.

Cisco in China

* Cisco Systems Beijing Office was established in August 1994, followed by offices in Shanghai (September 1995), Guangzhou (March 1996) and Chengdu (May 1996)* In June 1998, President and CEO of CISCO Systems, Mr. John Chambers, first visited Chinese mainland in the capacity of CISCO CEO and gave keynote speech at Tsinghua University. In September 1998, Cisco Systems (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established and a network technology laboratory was established in Beijing* In September 1998, John Mogerich, chairman of Cisco Systems, visited Shanghai and announced the establishment of China’s first Cisco Network Technology College in cooperation with Fudan University* In January 2001, Cisco Systems announced that it would build a new “last kilometer” access technology laboratory and IP voice technology laboratory in China* In March 2003, the Ministry of information industry awarded Cisco Systems (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. the title of “e-government recommendation enterprise”* In 2003, SARS broke out in China, and CISCO donated equipment and services worth USD 3 million to the Ministry of health and China Disease Control Center to help build four-level epidemic prevention network in the state, provincial, city and county levels. In January 2004, the Ministry of Education awarded Cisco Systems with the “special contribution award of donating teaching assistants”* In March 2004, China’s first next-generation Internet backbone network CERNET2 (the second-generation China Education and research computer network) was announced to be opened in Beijing. CERNET2 built this time is the largest IPv6 test network in the world. It uses Cisco IPv6 equipment to connect Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing, with a total length of 6000 kilometers and a bandwidth of 2.5G* In 2009, CCTV “WE” and Cisco telepresence system were officially launched.

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