Choosing Between Vanilla Beans, Extract and Paste for Your Recipe

Vanilla is a very important pantry ingredient that should be present in almost every baker’s cupboard. Its rich, intense flavor and aroma take your baked dish to a different level which is difficult to recreate with any other product. However, today gourmet makers are offering all kinds of vanilla products, right from whole beans, and vanilla extract to vanilla paste.

Pure vanilla extract has a prominent place in every pantry due to its rich, variegated flavor that has the power to enhance the taste. The vanilla bean paste is a viscous and sweet ingredient with the best qualities of vanilla pods and vanilla extract.

Bakers and chefs have been loving the convenience of using vanilla bean paste and extract in place of scraping whole vanilla beans for flavoring cookies, cakes, ice creams, and numerous other dishes.

For making both vanilla extract and vanilla bean paste, one needs to go to the right supplier and get natural vanilla bean pods in bulk.

The right source for buying vanilla beans in bulk

If you are wondering where to buy vanilla beans in bulk,Essence Food and Beverage is the most appropriate source in California that has been supplying vanilla beans and pure Indonesian spices for 25 years.

They have no middlemen between their customers and the most natural vanilla bean. They supply both Planifolia and Tahitian vanilla beans and vanilla powder in bulk for commercial use at the best wholesale price. Contact them for getting high-quality bulk vanilla beans at a low cost.

Vanilla beans

Despite being an expensive option, using vanilla beans for enhancing the flavor can be the best choice since you are using a natural product. Fresh and natural vanilla pods are harvested, dried, and then cured. The long, waxy, brown pod that makes up a vanilla bean is filled with several tiny, delicious flecks.

The pods must always be supple, plump, and moist and should also smell strongly of vanilla. Cut the pod lengthwise, take out the pods and add these to your batter of puddings, custard, cakes, and any dessert.

Vanilla extract

This is the most affordable form of vanilla product, which is not made using entire vanilla beans, but is made from vanilla pods after the specks have been removed. Just ensure to look for “pure” labels on the bottle. Vanilla extract has a light consistence and is typically used as a flavoring agent in recipes like cakes, cookies, smoothies, ice creams, and much more.

Vanilla bean paste

Use vanilla paste when you are craving vanilla specks, but with a creamy consistency. This adds a visual flair as well as a gourmet and elegant feel to classic treats like pastry cream, French vanilla ice cream, or crème Brulee.

Vanilla paste is prepared by combining a concentrated vanilla extract with vanilla bean powder that creates a paste like the consistency of maple syrup.

One teaspoon of vanilla extract is the same as a 2-inch vanilla bean piece or 1 teaspoon of vanilla bean paste. Both vanilla extract and vanilla paste have slightly different applications due to their difference in consistency and the paste having additional vanilla specks. However, whether you buy vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste, the star of the show is vanilla beans that are used for making both the products.

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