Cheapest Business Ideas for Small Investors

Cheapest Business Ideas for Small Investors

Most of the time it is difficult to step into the business world where things are getting so tough and expensive to manage and handle. But there are several ways to start a business with minimum investment and that will remain easy to manage when you have your logo registration in UAE. Some of the options for the cheapest business setup are discussed below.

Having a dropshipping business

In a drop shipping business, all you need to do is to buy a product, store the product for future orders, select it and pack it when you have the order, and ship it. In this fox business, there is no investment of high expense or money. The main thing that has to be managed is the product inventory.

Launching a book

Book is also a kind of product that you can sell on behalf of the demand of the market or the particular buyer. You can make your own book while keeping in mind the reader’s interest. You can print on demand; in this way, you do not have to invest a lot. You can get your self-publishing business.

You can write a cookbook, comic book, poetry, magazine, or novels. You just need to be aware of the creative styles and reader-engaging techniques.

Online courses and digital products

There are many digital products that can be sold and get a profit. It is the cheapest business set up all over the world where you can generate digital products like music, templates, graphic design, podcast, etc. With low or minimum investment. You can start a business of online classes to gain profit without any prominent expense.

Service selling business

Selling a service is not an inactive business. It can be a potential way to gain profit with no or little investment. You just need to put your skills and services for the client and in return gain benefit. In this business, you can create your service company, obtain logo registration in UAE, and get started. These services include virtual assistance, consultancy services, real estate agents, graphic designers, etc.

Making your own boutique

If you have a little sense of fashion and styling you can start your own fashion boutique and can share your appealing designs online. In some cases, you do not have to create your own designs but can display the other brand designs in your boutique or can use drop shipping from online stores. There are several products that you can display in your fashion boutiques such as shoes, clothes, accessories, purses, and others.

Homemade items or handicraft business

If you are a craftsman or have an interest in making unique and attractive things at home. You can use your talent to start a new handicraft business. There are many online business startup opportunities to sell your homemade products. All you need to understand is the importance of shipping and your product inventory. You are open to making products in bulk or starting the business on a per-order basis.


There are lots of people who are willing to start their own brand or company but are afraid of the heavy investment and acquisition. To help them out we have many unique and simple cheapest business setup ideas to grow their professional career. In some of the businesses, you have to go for logo registration in UAE but most of them can be run without a brand name or logo as the service providing business.

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