Charming Diamond Rings To Feast Your Eyes Upon: Get To Know The Cuts

Diamond rings have been around for centuries. From the humble and straightforward cocktail rings to fancy and flashy ones for special events right down to stunning engagement rings, these rings have made a mark. And with so much history and changing trends associated with them, it is not a surprise that many designs and style options have cropped up for you to choose from. So, if you want to pamper yourself with a stunning ring or want to propose to someone or just want to give someone a gift, here are the most stunning cuts to help you make your decision.

How diamond rings came to be associated with engagements and weddings

Diamond rings can be exciting and fun and there are various designs for you to choose from. But the event that is undoubtedly the most associated with diamond rings is an engagement. However, the most thrilling feature of an engagement process can perhaps also be the most excruciating, which is deciding between the cut of an engagement ring. Since engagement rings represent a lifelong commitment, you are also burdened with the need to pick one that lasts the test of time in terms of design and style.

Luckily, diamond rings will always be in style. But you need to keep some things in mind. A diamond can be both pricey and personal. Thus, one must know the types of diamond rings one would want for their engagement. Trying on various styles is an excellent way to understand what you would prefer on your finger. There cannot be a wrong choice while selecting diamond rings, but understanding your own fashion sense and what makes you the most comfortable can work wonders while selecting the engagement ring.

Different Cuts Of Diamond Rings For Engagement

In this article, let us discover the most popular cuts of diamond rings apt for an engagement and what each style indicates about the ladies who wear these rings on their fingers.

1. Round-Cut

This cut is for women and is drawn to a timeless and classic style. Round brilliant diamond rings are an excellent choice for women who want to go for a traditional look that lasts through the ages. The dazzling faceting is an excellent choice for ladies scouting for maximum sparkle. The round-cut diamond ring has been adorned by celebrities such as Allison Williams, Brooke Shields, Mila Kunis, and Miranda Kerr.

2. Princess-Cut

Princess-cut diamond rings have a square at the top, featuring four beveled sides that come in at one point (such as an inverted pyramid) below the glossy surface of the ring. This ring cut is for women who are looking for the maximum sparkle in a modern design. Also, the clean lines in between the four sides make this specific diamond ring look contemporary. Princess cut diamond rings have been adorned by celebrities, such as Sarah Michelle Gellar, Hilary Duff, and Kate Bosworth.

3. Emerald-Cut

Emerald-cut diamond rings radiate refinement and elegance. The extended shape and step-cut faceting is an excellent choice for a woman with a more understated personality. This cut is most appropriate for women with an astute taste—those who crave classic with a definite edge. Emerald-cut diamond rings have been adorned by celebrities, such as Amal Clooney, Mariah Carey, and Anne Hathaway.

4. Cushion-Cut

The cushion-cut diamond ring is both trendy and feminine. A cushion cut’s rounded corners and bright facets are a great choice for a woman searching for a soft look with oodles of sparkle. Cushion-cut diamond rings have been adorned by celebrities, such as Sofia Vergara, Bar Refaeli, Kim Kardashian, and Gabrielle Union.

5. Oval-Cut

Oval-cut diamond rings have turned into one of the most up-and-coming, trendy diamond shapes. This cut is perfect for women who wish to stay ahead of the trends, while also retaining an elegant, classic, and aesthetic approach to things. Oval-cut diamond rings have been adorned by celebrities, such as Blake Lively, Kate Middleton, Katie Holmes, and Julianne Hough.

6. Pear-Cut

Pear-cut diamond rings are shaped like a tear (of joy) that provides a woman’s finger with an elongated look. This cut is one of the least popular engagement ring cuts. A few celebrities who have adorned pear-cut diamond rings are Princess Charlene of Monaco, Katherine Heigl, and Anna Kournikova.

When it comes to diamond rings, there are many shapes and cuts that are suited for everyone. All one needs to do is understand what suits you the best and go for what you feel your heart is attracted to. With so many options of diamond rings, there is bound to be one that perfectly matches your taste, style, and personality! 

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