Characteristics of a Successful Influencer

Most often the question we all ask ourselves is, “how do I find a good influencer?.finding one isn’t the hardest part but finding the right one, a good influencer who is capable of increasing the exposure of your area and revenue of your business, well there is more to look for than geographical locations. Remember this person will be a brand representative of your business and a business partner hopefully. Influencers mostly work on blogs or work as bloggers.  This goes to show the person will be a spokesperson of your company in their circle meaning people will associate things to your brand.

The question remains how does one find the right one?

Here are some traits that you would consider when searching. 

1. Amiable

This is someone who should be sociable, agreeable, pleasant, affable, cheery, and pleasant. They should be getting along well with their followers. Some influencers go even as far as to buy Twitch viewers for their content so as to manipulate the algorithm and keep their followers engaged.  Make sure to go through their profile to see how they interact in their community, how they connect and how they respond to their followers, and more importantly how do they handle negative feedback.

2. Empathetic

The person that you want to represent your business should be relatable, engaging, approachable, charismatic, and accessible because they have the ability to put themselves in other people’s shoes. check their profile to see if their followers can relate to their content, their sympathy towards others’ experiences, and their authenticity and genuine in their posts. 

3. Reliability

They should be consistent and reliable to create a solid foundation between business and influencer and not just you but their social media.

Find out if they are consistent in posting high-quality content, their ability to use platforms like videos, stories, etc.

4. Receptive

An influencer should be someone who is active on their designated platform, but don’t get carried away this person doesn’t have to post content daily to be active.

See how they react to your proposal of a partnership for a business. Also from their platform find out how they respond to their followers, is it thoughtful comments or just likes, and how quickly they respond to their followers.

5. Allying

Most times influencers are expected to be in agreement with the business, but they don’t have to agree to everything you believe in, but a good one will keep in mind the main values of the business and make sure it lines up. Ask yourself, does the person am going into business with have the same values as the business, are they vocal enough about their opinions to avoid contradiction when it comes to business matters and what the company believes in, and if they are supporting other brands that contradict or compete with your business.

6. Technology

In order to be consistent with posting high-quality content, one needs to be tech-savvy. From editing photos to automated posting. You want to find someone who knows their way around social media platforms that are of their choosing.

You need to see

-are they using high quality pictures?

-is their content well made?

– is there a consistent aesthetic to their pages?

-their photo editing technical know-how

7. Creativity

Social media is one of the best platforms to be innovative, experimental, artistic, expressive, visionary, prolific, and ingenious between all the different tools and updates. The possibilities are endless.

Look for one who edits like a boss and stays on top of new updates. The best are always experimenting with new apps to keep their content fresh and relevant. And while this content can be consumed almost instantaneously, its creation is anything but straightforward.

Find out from their profiles if,

-their content is creative enough and its authenticity

-their content is interesting or does it all just seem too dull and generic

– they use captions that are trendy with their pictures.


Finding the perfect influencers can be tricky and time-consuming.

Having a clear understanding of the goals and values of your business is essential. Stay True to Your Brand.

At its best, influencer marketing appears effortless. To followers, the influencer relationship is intuitive, reassuring, and aspirational. To the brand, their relationship brings exciting new audiences. And it’s all made possible thanks to the hard work, creativity, and a tireless commitment to authenticity.

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