Casino Whoring – A Practical Approach to Exploiting Casino Bonuses

What’s ‘Casino whoring”?

A somewhat cheesy but not appropriate phrase, Casino Whoring, is often used to describe a method to snatch bonuses for free that is what casinos offer online. The theory is that applying unscientific ways involving math and probability calculations BETFLIK ทางเข้า can be used to determine a prize provided by a casino that guarantees a gain of an approximate amount.

Based on this idea, players will join an online casino with an attractive bonus and make some amount close to the amount calculated before moving on to a new casino with similar promises without losing any money. The players will play in one Casino until they are confident that the potential profit has been made, and then they will move to a different casino and repeat the procedure there, and another, and then on and so on. This is why they use the term.

the Casino Bonuses

There are numerous kinds of bonus offers at casinos; the primary focus for the Casino Whoring action is usually the Deposit Bonuses, such as First Deposit, Second Deposit, and so on. for new players. The type of bonus for first-time players to sign up with the site. It is usually a specific proportion of deposits up to a particular limit—Eg. 200% of the first deposit of up to $200.

Deposit Bonuses have the requirement of wagering Requirements (WR). This limitation restricts cash out of the bonus until a specific number of times the bonus is wagered or played. For instance: A WR of 20xB indicates that a bet of at least 20 % of the premium has to be wagered. For example, if the prize is $200, the WR is $4,000.

The method of Casino Whoring:

The payout percentages are the most crucial factor in determining the likelihood of winning gambling. This is the amount the machines(gambling software for online casinos) offer during a full play. For instance, if the payout rate for slot machines is 96.5 percent, which means that for the specific game, 96.5 percent of bets are re-won while the Casino keeps 3.5 percent of the chances in a round. Payout percentages are different based on the Casino online as well as the gaming software that is employed, as well as the type of game.

The chances of winning at online casinos depend on the games you choose. In general, the payout rate of table games, such as blackjack poker, roulette, etc., is higher than slot machines. So the first thing a Casino Whoring pundit will look for is whether the higher chances games are allowed by the bonus terms. While many small and medium-sized casinos online do not allow bonus play in games other than slot machines, some of the larger ones do.

The secret formula of science and technology:

The Casino gives a bonus of 200% on your first deposit to 200 percent. The WR is 20xB. Blackjack can be played, which offers a payout percentage(PP) of 97 percent. Deposit $100 to get the highest bonus.

  • This calculation
  • Amount spent: $100

The amount received from the account is that it is available to play with. The sum of $100 plus $200 is $300.

  • Total bet needed (WR)equals 200 20 times = $4000
  • House Edge: 100 percent – 97%PP = 3 percent.
  • Expected Loss: 3 % ($4000) = $120.
  • Cash Balance after fulfilling WR: 300 – 120 = $180.
  • Net Profit Total Net Profit = 180 x 100 equals $80.00.

Is Casino Whoring foolproof?

These calculations are based on accurate Payout Percentages and a complete payout cycle. However, this will be different. For example, when it comes to the payout percentages when looking at the data of independent online gaming rules such as eCogra and others. It is not only different in different games and casinos but also changes over time. For a payout cycle to be complete, it depends on the number of players participating in the game simultaneously. In the end, several variables could affect the odds of one or the other. So the strategy can’t be considered to be foolproof.

But the chance that you’ll lose money is reduced. An experienced player can withdraw cash, if allowed, without risking losing any deposit. For a fortunate player, coupled with a careful analysis of probabilities, the possibility of profit from the casino whoring method is a good one at the very minimum in theory. Some have claimed to have made money by using this method.

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