Can You Make a Healthy Pizza at Home?

Healthy Pizza

Fast food lovers’ delight, pizza is one of the most loved foods on this planet. A rough estimate shows that almost 40 percent of Americans eat pizza at least once a week. People eat 350 slices of pizza each second only in the United States of America. To add to your surprise, I want to tell you that every year 5 billion pizzas are sold out. Apart from The USA, pizza is a favorite food of people belonging to different nationalities all over the world.  

The above stats are enough to understand the popularity of pizza in this world full of different cuisines and techniques to make them. The addition of different sauces like mayonnaise, garlic sauce, cheese sauce, and peri-peri sauce introduces exciting flavors to pizza.

Despite all this popularity, people are still concerned about whether pizza is healthy or not. However, you don’t need to worry about it as you can make a healthy pizza at home. Following are the tips to make a healthy pizza at home.

Focus on Your Crust

The biggest make you do when making pizza is that you rely on the ready-made crust. This contains many dietary sugars which add to the calorie content of your pizza crust. Therefore it is suggested to make crust at home. 

However, making crust at home is not an easy task. You cannot do so, especially when you are running short of time. So, in such circumstances, you can buy crust from any superstore near you. When buying it, keep in mind that you have to buy whole grain crust. Make sure that it doesn’t contain any extra sugars in it.

Selecting the Appropriate Cheese

Cheese is one of the main ingredients of pizza. Without cheese, you cannot give a savory and sticky touch to your pizza. A traditional pizza contains cheese in average amounts. However, when you are looking to make it at home, you want to load your pizza with some extra cheese.

As cheese contains fats, you don’t use large extents of it in your pizza. But as a cheese lover, it is hard to compromise on the quantity of cheese. Therefore, you should choose low-fat cheese for your pizza. Parmesan and mozzarella cheese are the best for this purpose.

Use Lean Meat

Meat is the key ingredient of your pizza unless you are going with a vegan version of it. Therefore you have to pay special heed to the selection of meat. Lean meat, low on calories and fats, is the ideal choice to make the healthiest version of pizza. 

Replace fatty meat sausages such as pork, and pepperoni with lean ones. Using chicken, bacon, or turkey is the best meat option for a healthy pizza. When cooking meat for pizza, try to grill it or barbecue it as it will retain almost all the proteins of meat and keep it healthy, with low-calorie contents.

Keep Topping Healthy

Most of the time you ignore the topping. Adding a healthy topping is as important as choosing other healthy ingredients. You don’t want to ruin your efforts of making a healthy pizza by adding unhealthy toppings. There is plenty of healthy topping options present.

 Loading your pizza with vegetables is a good move. Olives, capsicum, pepper, tomatoes, and carrots are among the top veggies to use for topping. Similarly, if you add pepperoni as a topping, replace it with meaty mushrooms or air-fried squash.

Make Your Pizza Sauce at Home

Pizza sauce is the key ingredient to add different flavors and tastes to your pizza. The softness it adds to your crust and tastes to all of your pizza ingredients is unmatchable. Prepared pizza sauces contain extra sugar and some chemicals to keep them preserved. These are harmful to health. So it would help if you went with a homemade pizza sauce.


Now you have all the tricks in your pocket to make a healthy pizza at home. What are you waiting for? head towards the kitchen and make the healthiest version of pizza. Don’t forget to add your preferred toppings for enhanced flavor.

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