Can You Disappear Without A Trace?

There has been news about people running away after stealing to a new country to completely disappear. Unfortunately, the chances that their court ruling is still present in the records are high. To vanish without any trace needs you to be smart. 

People have also heard about the Witness Protection Program designed for the safety of threatened victims. Changes occur in life anytime without any warning. By the time you realize it, it is time to vanish or disappear completely. It doesn’t mean lay low for some time, but indicates you completely vanish from the map. You can take help from professionals and change identity with ease.

Changing identity on your own is hard. Just staging a disappearing act as you witness in a magic show is not effective. You may invite police dogs and tri-state search, which can add to the already complicated situation. Professionals can help to wane away legally. 

How to wane without a trace?

Avoid sharing

Involving another person in your disappearing act may compromise your aim. Even bear in mind why you want to go incognito. If you are running away from the Government then bear in mind that they have plenty of experience and infinite resources to find you. 

Spread disinformation

Disinformation does not need to be real but is made easy to find. It keeps the hunter busy. As you move forward, there will be a mark left, so ensure to leave behind as little as possible. Break the connection between every step. 

Never walk across Brighton Square but take a can, so fewer people will notice you. If you come across someone familiar then tell them you are traveling on a couple of days’ vacation. In case, they share this on social media means more fake information is spread. 

Discard possessions

Abandon the car, destroy photographs, as well as leave personal possessions and mementos behind. 

Leave town

Never throw everything in a suitcase and leave town on the next bus. The first step is to find a rental place in another location where no one knows you. The chosen place has to be sufficiently large to absorb you easily without anyone suspecting it. 


Avoid using Facebook or Twitter completely. Cut all your online connections and electronic world links including ATM cards, banking, and credit card.

As you prepare for the vanishing act, slowly start doctoring the information. You aim to lead people coming in search of you in the wrong direction. 

Transform into the new profile

Amicus International Consulting has extensive experience and first-hand knowledge of creating new identities. They will help to gather every legal document needed as proof of identity change. The consultant will even train you to change habits and hobbies. Be prepared to ditch your old hobbies or habits for new ones. 

If you think that pay-as-you-go cell phones cannot be tracked then they are wrong. You may have heard the news of Ponzi schemers getting caught and tried in court. Bystanders can wonder why they don’t completely disappear with the stolen money. Nevertheless, there is hardly any safe place to hide on earth. 

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