Can long-term rubbing of acrylic dip glitter powder damage my nails?

The nail actually means protein, and protein will be denatured and even shrink after encountering harmful organic chemical substances. It may not be visible in the short term, but if you rub acrylic dip glitter powder for a long time, the nail surface will undoubtedly become more and more uneven and rough. Therefore, acrylic dip glitter powder is still corrosive to the nails. People who have tried acrylic dip glitter powder are aware that the taste of acrylic dip glitter powder is generally greater.

And daily life decoration of building materials or painting such items, the smell is generally quite

large, and the key is also due to a lot of formaldehyde. So many people ask about acrylic dip glitter powder inside and whether it also has formaldehyde. Then, acrylic dip glitter powder taste is actually like formaldehyde release? Acrylic dip glitter powder, and what harm it?

1, formaldehyde contains less water acrylic dip glitter powder will come with some formaldehyde, but acrylic dip glitter powder’s key ingredients are not formaldehyde, and the adverse effects are not formaldehyde. Acrylic dip glitter powder taste is not formaldehyde release. The smell of acrylic dip glitter powder is not the formaldehyde released.

In fact, acrylic dip glitter powder, despite the harm to the body, there are certain toxic side effects, but its composition is generally very simple. The key is to say that some organic solvents and melanin composition. So acrylic dip glitter powder only has a small amount of formaldehyde.

2, containing a variety of organic solvents every time people apply acrylic dip glitter powder that time, acrylic dip glitter powder released out of the strong odor is the release of organic solvents.

Acrylic dip glitter powder cultivation substrate is a variety of organic solvents, organic solvents are essential for industrial production of raw material, but most of the organic solvents are harmful. And acrylic dip glitter powder with a variety of organic solvents are strong volatiles so that after the coating is easy to dry.

3, acrylic dip glitter powder is indeed harmful mentioned acrylic dip glitter powder with a lot of organic solvents, and this organic solvent is all harmful or volatile, so it is very easy to suck in, if long-term or with a lot of inhalation, it will lead to different levels of damage to the internal organs of the body and its nervous system. Different levels of damage to the internal organs and nervous system.

Then again, acrylic dip glitter powder also has a lot of melanin, and this industrial production side of the application of melanin extremely affects the physical and mental health; there is quite a large risk of carcinogenic substances.

4, try to avoid using galglitter acrylic dip glitter powder even though it is known that acrylic dip glitter powder has certain disadvantages; it not only has immediate damage to the body but also has the potential risk of carcinogenic substances, so people should usually try to avoid using acrylic dip glitter powder. There may be many people who say that.

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