Cameron Cowan Talks About Why He Became A Writer

Cameron Cowan is a man of different colors. He is a great storyteller, writer, philosopher, and compassionate human being. His empathy for things he sees and feels is expressed in his writing. Even though, his father was an oncologist he double majored in communications & speech communications at the University of Washington. He started as a Manager Editor of some conservative Magazine then he joined the leftist and became more liberal. He was involved in the Young Republicans all his adult life and today is an established west coast liberal. 

Cowan was a reporter at CBS News and a frequent correspondent for NBC News. Currently, he hosts ‘The Cameron Cowan Show’ on YouTube every Monday & Friday followed by a podcast on Saturday. It is truly amazing to see how colorful and interesting Cameron’s life is, so people always ask him why he chose to become a writer. 

According to Cameron, unlike many other artists, he had many other paths available. He could have gotten a Ph.D. or chased a corporate path but he chose to write. From childhood, he knew he desired to write and was a participant in a writer’s group but found it hard to articulate on paper. He had many things to share but was unable to form an intelligible sentence. At 17, Cowan desired to write about adventurous experiences but college studies were time-consuming and even graduation wasn’t of any help. 

Fortunately, he got creative and did some freelance writing but found it did not pay well. Nevertheless, he learned the discipline essential from writing, which has served him well. Cameron Cowan writes because he likes to explain things and can share almost anything. Through research, writers come up with a sensible perspective that is missing the modern political discussions.

The Digital era has changed how books are sold. The ancient books are the proof of evolution and a contribution towards it is an honor. Books have been the oldest form of expression and will always be. 

Writing allows the creation of ideas and concepts, which when shared with people via words infiltrate their consciousness and flood everyone around. Ultimately, it transforms into a virus that spreads and infects every soul resulting in changes after a while. So, Cameron’s goal behind being creative is to generate new ideas via stories from generally live experiences associated with some events or traumas.

In the written stories, problematic characters reflect how people in the real world handle those issues. Trauma is not just a fizz that will vanish there are economic and other systems hampering people’s life that are unclear. 

Cameron Cowan talks about things no one else discusses – for example, in the Rick and Morty TV show, the creators have pursued a narrative where dads and fathers are interested in sex, sports, and beer. He explains, ‘Our culture talks about getting rid of noxious masculinity, to end the rape culture, and how to reform men, but isn’t really interested in doing constructive things for male population or portraying them in an encouraging way. In the modern world, more Jerry’s and less Ricks are needed.’ 

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