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Quad Bike

If you’re looking to buy a quad bike or ATV, we’ve listed some tips and tricks below that provide insight into what to look for. Although many quad bikes are fitted with a distance registration device (speedometer with mileage counter), some off-road machines do not. This obviously doesn’t help when trying to figure out how long the engine ran or how many miles the quad bike or ATV traveled.

Although a speedometer is a legal requirement for road use, it does not always come with a mileage recording meter. Some Chinese imported vehicles come with only a basic speedometer and no mileage recorder.

Purchasing Guidelines

Tip 1 – Always make sure when buying any vehicle be it Quadbike – ATV – Buggy – Minamoto that you always see a picture before buying. With so many scattered across the country, sometimes you have to shop outside of your area to find the right one. If you find one in a magazine or newspaper, always make sure you contact the seller and ask for some photos to be emailed first. If this is not possible, we suggest keeping clean and watching

Tip 2 – There are many sources of buying Quad Biking Safari Tour and ATV’s, some better than others. One of the problems we see most is when people buy from auction sites and don’t receive the goods or they arrive “not as described”. Most auction sites are based outside the UK and if If you ever run into this problem, it’s very difficult to get full details from the seller if you want to pursue them in court.

Tip 3 – If you are spending over £500 on your purchase it is always a good idea to check out the Quad Bike, ATV, Buggy or Minamoto before you pay. It’s a wise move to donate £100 to a local garage in the area you’re buying it from, or through one of the reputable services offered by “The AA” or “The RAC”. I’d much rather know that the purchase was as described and take delivery of the item than the other way around, take delivery and find out it’s not what you thought it would be.

Tip 4 – Never buy a new quad bike or a used quad bike without any documentation. Once the vehicle is in your possession, you are 9/10th of the owner’s rights. But, unless you have legal title and no hidden history, there is a good chance that something may be out of your control. It is slightly different with off-road quad bikes or ATVs as they do not have a registration certificate. The only thing you probably have with us is a receipt. If it is a new quad bike or ATV, imported quad bike or any imported vehicle for that matter, make sure you have the right documents from the person you are buying it from. This will also include an EU Certificate of Conformity and an HMCS Tax and VAT Paid Certificate stating that duty has been paid. Without the latter two, you may still be liable to pay any outstanding duty if it is discovered by HMCE that it has not been paid.

Tip 5 – If you are ever in doubt about buying a quad bike or ATV you should make sure you use the legal system to look up any data before you become an owner. We recommend using Hopi as your number one resource tool for finding the history of any vehicle, so don’t buy it until you’ve Hopi’s it!

Page summary

1) Make sure you know what it is you’re buying.

2) If you have the option – avoid using auctions if possible.

3) Use professional services to vet your purchase before parting with cash.

4) Always make sure the bike or buggy has original documents – no documents – no dollars

5) If in doubt – use Hopi to find out your purchase history.

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