Buy New World coins for first 20 levels.

Buy New World coins for first 20 levels.

Here’s a few hints on what you should be doing to get started in New World.

If you are still trying to find your way in New World, then fear not. Here we are going to be discussing what you can be doing in the first 20 levels. So once you’ve got your game up and running and you’re ready to grind those New World coins, here’s what you can do.

Level 1-10

Just as a bit of an overview, there is a few things that we’re going to be doing in the first 10 levels. At this point, you’re going to get the chance to play through tutorials and get to grips with the basics. As to be expected, this is going to be the fastest period of levelling during your time in New World. Getting new weapons and learning new skills, as well as practicing combat is going to be a priority.

This is also a very important period as it shapes what you’ll be doing in New World. For starters, this level bracket will be your first experience in questing. As other games in this genre do, quests play a huge role in what you get out of playing New World. You’ll be joining a faction too, which is a massive part of the game. Get more coins at fitgirl repack.

Learning the Inventory

The inventory in New World can take a bit of getting used to. There are a few menus that you need to look over to get the most out of the game. Each menu serves a different purpose, which can be located using singular keys. For example, you can hit M to access the map, J to access the journal, and set up other keys to access the store and settings. To get to your inventory, just hit the Tab key.

Get Your Settings Right

There’s plenty of different settings for you to tweak on your New World account. By taking a look into which ones are best for you, then you’ll find the experience to be a lot smoother. Pressing the ESC key will present you with the chance to take a look over your settings and figure out what is best for you.

In these menus, you’re able to change a fair amount of features. These include the likes of graphics, so you can get the graphic settings that are best for what your setup is. A key option to check out is the voice chat too. If you’re going to be playing with friends or want to communicate with other players, then setting up your voice chat is important. Alternatively, if this is something that you want to avoid, then there’s the option to turn it off.

To change the settings, firstly you need to find the communications tab in your settings. Once you’re there, a number of settings are available for you to adjust. Whether you want to enable the voice chat, turn it off or make it exclusive to members of your group, then you can do so.

Selling Excess Items

This is where the New World coins and such come into play. To get a sell order, you will have to pay a fee to start with. The fee itself is determined by a few different factors. These range from whether or not your faction is in control of the territory, or what the tax rates are in that area. You need to keep an eye out on territory rewards that you may have set out, as these will affect the sell order fee too.

Don’t worry about going to buy New World coins however, as the fee that you need to pay won’t set you back too much. Just focus on selling your items in bulk for a higher price for additional convenience.

Buying a House

Get your territory standing to level 12 and overall level to 15, and you can start to work on getting you first house. You will obviously need to have the New World coins to be able to pay for it, but you will benefit from having one. For example, you get an additional recall point for fast travelling, and you’ll have places to increase your storage shed space It also provides a place for you to put your trophies as well.

When you’ve gotten used to New World items and how the game plays, it won’t be long before you are rising through the levels. Be sure to pay attention to what you need to do to get to grips with the basics at first too. Read diablo 2 power level

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