Brand Advocacy: Grow Your Brand Organically

Think about the last time you discovered a brand you ended up loving. Not a brand you liked or one that was adequate, but one that gained your love and loyalty. How did you hear about the company? If you discovered your new favorite through word of mouth or a social media recommendation, you’ve experienced a tiny taste of the power of brand advocacy.

Brand Advocacy: Grow Your Brand Organically

Organic advocacy provides your company with something all the marketing dollars in the world can’t buy: a cult following. What brand doesn’t want fans who hype their products at every turn, taking to social media to share their positive experiences and add value to your product?

However, you can’t just run a few catchy Facebook ad campaigns and expect consumers to take up for your brand. To capture consumers’ devotion, you must connect with them on multiple levels and earn their participation in your marketing efforts.

Think Big Picture

When you have a great product, consumers will recommend it to their friends in family. When you have a great product plus brand values that resonate with consumers, they will evangelize for you on the street corners.

At Daniel Brian Advertising, the vision for the future of brand marketing is clear: “better brands for a better human condition.” People want to believe that their choices made a difference, and they support brands that recognize that fact and enable them to make a positive impact.

Why Advocacy Matters

It’s Authentic

Take a scroll through your Instagram feed or hop on Youtube, and you’re instantly accosted by advertising and marketing messages. Everywhere you go, someone is trying to sell you something, promising results, or doing their best to convince you that their deal is the one you can’t afford to miss. The never-ending deluge of sales pitches leaves consumers jaded and hesitant to trust traditional marketing messages.

Alternatively, when an individual sees someone they know sing the praises of a company, they’re more likely to give it a second look. After all, this person isn’t getting a payout or trying to swindle them, so if they’re recommending this brand, maybe there’s something to it. The authenticity of word-of-mouth marketing is impossible to beat and shines bright in a world full of inauthentic marketing efforts.

It Takes You Places

Traditional marketing can only go so far due to budget and logistical constraints. If you embrace the power of advocacy marketing, you won’t be limited by these factors. Whether physically or virtually, advocates can sing your praises to all corners of the globe.

It’s Cost Effective

There’s no better way to expand your company’s influence than through advocacy. Instead of being saddled by major marketing expenses, or costly ad campaigns, advocates promote your company free of charge.

In addition, since advocates receive emotional satisfaction by aligning with your company and viewing themselves as a part of your “team,” they receive psychological benefits from promoting you. Meanwhile, you experience financial savings since you have a significant portion of your marketing done at no cost.

It Attracts Media Attention

A brand that is generating a buzz due to its enthusiastic fanbase will quickly catch the attention of media outlets. No one wants to be the last to know about the latest company with a growing following, so journalists and publications will likely reach out to you to learn more. This positive buzz increases your credibility and acts as an organic PR boost.

Create company values that customers align with, and you’ll experience the benefits that advocacy can offer your brand. The organic advocacy performed by brand devotees is powerful and promises to be the future of brand marketing for enterprises across the globe.

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