Boots for men: the main launches

Whoever believes that men do not understand fashion is very wrong. Most of them know that autumn-winter is the time to invest in men’s boots. This season, the releases of this type of footwear allow an infinite number of looks, especially for the more casual style, but the mix of styles came with everything as well.

See here, how and when to wear men’s boots for a look full of charm, attitude and elegance.

Men’s Boots: Styles and Colors of the Season

Men’s boots provide a heavier and more comfortable look, which goes well with the more casual and casual style. It can be a great comfort option if you want to vary your men’s Nike sneaker look.

Versatile, they appear in the boot versions, known as chelsea boot, and even in the models with a military footprint, with tratorados soles, such as the boots.

Men’s boots provide a heavier and more comfortable look, which goes very well with a more casual and carefree style. The most common are short boots, but there are also those who prefer a masculine long boots to ensure a certain irreverence to the look.

Versatile, they come in the versions of men’s boots, known as chelsea boot, and even in models with a military feel, with tratorados soles, such as the men’s coturno boot.

It is exactly these types of men’s short boots, which appear this season in models known as Chelsea, Chukka boot, Logan boot and boots with military references.

By the way, for those who don’t know, the men’s chelsea boot is the one that looks like a sapato casual masculino with thick elastic on the side, which had its origin in riding in the 19th century, in the UK.

It progressed through time and became fashionable among the population, especially in the 1960s, when it was widely worn by music icons such as the Beatles and Bob Dylan.

Now, this season, it can appear either in a more rustic version in suede or as a men’s leather boot, with a more refined design suitable for more elegant looks.

The chukka boots (or desert boots) have a shaft up to the ankle and can be made of leather or suede. As the name suggests, they have a desert origin and were used by British soldiers on missions in these arid climates, such as Egypt. 

In addition, this model of men’s leather boots are also associated with the practice of polo, because the word “chukka” gives the name to the periods of the sport.

Logan boots, on the other hand, are connected to the character Logan, played by Hugh Jackmann in the X-Men franchise. The more worn they are, the more original their connection to the Marvel hero becomes. This men’s leather boot has become a symbol of resistance.

For those who want to buy men’s boots this season, know that the colors of the releases that will be in style this winter are the traditional black and brown, but the palette is more democratic and cheerful this winter as well.

The nudes, caramel, chocolate, greens, blues, and even mustards, which fit very well in the sportiest styles, are entering with everything in the catalog of men’s boots.

How to wear men’s boot?

Because of their heavier look, many men may wonder if it is possible to wear men’s boots on any occasion. The answer is yes, for almost every occasion, with the exception of classic and very formal looks.

The black men’s boot looks great in a casual style, great for everyday life, but this winter, the more fashionistas can dare and stick to the mix of casual and sporty.

So wearing casual chelsea boots and sporty pants, which used to be seen with a certain strangeness, will be super in the trend of the current masculine look.

This look is totally suitable for a good adventure too, because it guarantees foot protection and lots of mobility. This men’s Timberland boot, with a slightly higher shaft, fulfills this protective function well.

Ferracini men’s boots, for example, go very well with wide shirts in neutral colors, which will balance very well the casual and the sporty look.

Besides this, the men’s high boots also look great with skinny pants and oversized and wider jackets. It’s comfortable from head to toe! But who said that a more formal look can’t accept a certain boldness? So go for a boot with a blazer and tie.

This look that should be a bit more formal has part of its seriousness broken by the presence of the men’s leather boot on the feet. And if adults love the boot for its comfort, invest in it for your little man too. The children’s boot will guarantee a look full of attitude and style.

But often the work shoe is precisely a men’s safety boot. It’s not a question of style, but of taking care of yourself when you’re at work.

The men’s boot goes very well with jeans with folded bars, shirts on the outside, and a tighter jacket or t-shirts for those who prefer style. Do you want the right combination of casual style? Invest in knitting and boots, which produce a combination as perfect as cafĂ© au lait and rice and beans.

And we couldn’t fail to mention the men’s country boot, which is more than essential in the good cowboy style. They appear in this fall-winter collection with the typical heels, buckles, braids, and even purple versions. These shoes are also known as men’s Texan boots.

But to invest in a country style, opt for simplicity, too. For example, if you want to wear jeans, a T-shirt, and a pair of country boots, you’ll look great!

If you want to give it a touch of refinement, go for a denim shirt, plain or plaid, a belt with a killer buckle and a hat, in addition to your men’s country boot, it will be a luxury! But if you ask me, sometimes you don’t even need country boots to give you that Blake Shelton look from The Voice.

But men’s country boots with skinny jeans and a T-shirt can give a rebellious look. Perfect for a rock concert! Is it your style? Invest without fear.

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