Black and White Flip Flops

What used to be ‘just flip flops’ during the 70’s are now one of the biggest things ever to set foot in the fashion world. The changing times did so much to the footwear too. Flip flops were reinvented to a great extent turning it from something so ordinary, plain and even boring to the footwear trend of the decade and decades ahead. The new look of flip flops made it a very acceptable option to go with anything you have in your closet.

It doesn’t matter if jeans are your best friend, or if skirts and dresses are your thing, there is a pair of flip-flops for every outfit you have. But the appeal of this footwear is not the only good news that goes along with the trend. Its versatility holds even greater attraction and that’s why you could see women taking their flip-flops not just around malls and walks in the park, but to coffee shops and restaurants. When they started making flip flops in wedge designs, the footwear was then seen worn to workplaces and meetings, then later on became acceptable party footwear and even teamed up with bridal wear.

True flip-flops are flexible, perhaps the most flexible among any other footwear known in fashion. It’s nice to own all the colours and designs you could afford to wear. Whatever it is with these cute babies that makes women feel holding a dozen pairs in their footwear collection never seems to be enough. But if you own a pair of black, and a pair of white wedge flip flops, it would meet all of your style needs. Both basic, neutral and extremely versatile colours, a pair of white and black would expand your wardrobe more than you can imagine and would take all of your designer outfits to the mix and match get ups.

Think about it, what colour would not ever go with white or black? The white may seem more appropriate for sassy, playful and fresh looks – – – but as to what colour would go well with it, absolutely everything. Pair it with your blue jeans, or pink skirt, or yellow dress, this is truly a trend for everybody. Your black wedge flip flops go with anything as well, but if you want to stretch its versatility further, wearing it to work and meetings and even parties would still make one look chic. The many beautiful elegant designs of this trend makes that now acceptable. Wedge flip flops of today come in absolutely all looks: jelly straps, jewelled, lace straps, cloth, and many other dressy designs slappas thongs the options are just so vast and limitless.

The ultimate footwear of convenience no age or season is required, wedge flip flops have become wardrobe staples for many. Truly the simplest and quickest way to be in trend is to own a pair of this fashion piece. No matter if it’s white wedge flip flops

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