Best Time of Year to Visit New York City

This is one city that rarely has a slow time and has excellent offerings all year round with an active nightlife every month of the year, shows that run all year, and sites that never close. So while there is no bad time of the year to visit, there are some months that will fit your preferences and offer you the most from your trip. 

Best Time of Year for Weather

The weather is greatly varied throughout the year, so plan your visit for the time of year that you prefer to avoid a disappointing trip. For winter weather and to enjoy the Christmas decorations and celebrations, late November and December are ideal times to visit. For a warm-weather visit between May and October, choose July or August for the hottest time of year. During April through June, the weather is warm, but it is not hot, and there are fewer tourists at this time of year, allowing you to avoid the crowds of the busiest times of the year. September through November also offers some slower times with fewer visitors and allows for the enjoyment of the best weather. 

Best Time of Year for Tours

Suppose you are planning to visit so you can enjoy the local tours and the sightseeing adventures. In that case, it is recommended that you visit in the months of April through June or the beginning of September for the fall colors and the great events, through to November when the shift to winter begins. On the other hand, if a winter wonderland is your preferred time to see the sights, then November throughout January may be the best for you. 

Best Time of Year to Save Money

A few times of the year are less expensive to travel in general and a few that are specific to New York. These times include weekends throughout January and February after the new year has passed and things have settled back to normal routines. There are fewer travelers during these months, and people who live in winter cities often enjoy trips to warmer locations, allowing for those who do not mind the cold to enjoy a New York that has fewer tourists and a slower pace. If you’re looking to move to New York, summer, spring, and fall will be your best bet. Nobody wants to move to NY during the middle of winter, and you surely don’t want to do it yourself. Hiring a company like Movers 101 to handle the loading and unloading of your belongings will be ideal if you happen to make that move during the winter, trust us, you do not want to be unloading your belongings in the freezing NY temperatures.

Best Time of Year for Museums and Shows

Museums close for a few holidays, including Christmas and Thanksgiving, which makes the museums and some of the other sites even busier in the days leading up to and after these holidays. As there are fewer tourists during the months of January and February, these places will be less busy, and there will be shorter lines for any of the exhibits you wish to attend. This time of year is also the easiest to get tickets to the most popular shows, and they will often be on sale to buy one and get one free for Broadway Week (once in September and once in January). By timing your visits during these times, you can get the most from your visits to museums and can see the show you have been waiting for. 

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