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The Arizona real estate market continues to be on an upswing. Investors continue to pick up homes in the state. The demand has led to a rise in prices. For instance, owners selling in March 2022 in Phoenix got up to an average of 21% more for their properties than last year. They also sold their houses within 32 days on average.1 Arizona best real estate agents remain upbeat about the market.

However, the upswing has a downside. Due to the demand, there will be more options on how to sell your home. There will also be more information on what you should do and how you should go about it. You will likely be confused about what to do next. The good news is that it is not so complicated.

The advent of Multiple Listing Service or M.L.S. means selling a house has never been easier. You can now easily list your house online by yourself and have more control over the sale.

Going online to list your property makes sense. The National Association of Realtors reports that 51% of buyers trusted the internet to find the houses they purchased while only 28% relied on real estate agents.2 

House owners who sell their own homes also find buyers quicker than those using realtors. There are other benefits. You have more control over the price and open houses, and you save the 3%-6% you would otherwise pay the agent. Arizona flat fee M.L.S.businesses charge you a fixed amount for their services. Most offers scaled plans that may range from around $400 and go up to $1,000. Some even offer discounts on these prices.

Why Choosing an M.L.S. Makes Sense 

Let’s do a quick comparison between using a real estate agent and an Arizona flat fee M.L.S. website to sell your house.

First, the price

The cost of using an M.L.S. business is considerably lesser than using a realtor. An M.L.S. starts from around $400 or less and can go up to around $1,000. The better businesses offer you all their services for around $1,000 plus a small percentage of the sale price (around 0.5%-1.0%) for closing. Using a real estate agent on the other hand means you will pay somewhere in the range of 3%-6% of the sale price as commission. On top of that, charges for a home inspection, radon tests, and so on can set you back by a few hundred dollars at the very least.

Second, the hassle-free process 

Listing your property on an M.L.S. site does not need any paperwork. All you need to do is click a few pictures and write a few lines about the house, and your property is ready to be listed. Compare this with the paperwork and documentation that comes with a real-estate agent and you see why an online listing makes sense.

Third, the speed of execution 

Your property gets listed within 1-2 days if you use an M.L.S. website while it takes around two weeks or more with a real estate agent. A full-service real estate brokerage may take up to 18 days just for the listing.3 In addition, the better businesses give you access to Arizona best real estate agents. This means your listing will get more eyeballs and you will likely have a faster closing. A study by Bright M.L.S. showed that listings on M.L.S. sold faster than those sold off-M.L.S.

Fourth, the freedom of complete control

With an Arizona flat fee M.L.S. website, you have full control over the sale. You can choose the plan you want from the many the M.L.S. will offer and get their best services. With a real estate agent, you will be dependent on their experience and competency. You may opt for a larger agency to get expert realtors. However, such an agency is unlikely to give you their top employees unless your house price is near the higher end of the market. In addition, their fees will be higher.

You may also easily change your listing multiple times, review and compare offers, and even counter an offer yourself. With a realtor, you will have to call the agent and do some additional paperwork even for minor changes.

Fifth, the customization

As mentioned earlier, with an M.L.S. you can customize your plan the way you want. You can choose the services you need, which keeps your costs low. This is usually not possible with a real estate agent.

For instance, the better M.L.S. businesses offer plans with federal and state disclosures, contract review, help with showings and more. You also get pricing assistance and contract to close consulting with the higher-end plans. These plans may have small commission charges of around 0.5% that need to be paid at closing. Nonetheless, even then their prices are lower than using a realtor.

Sixth, the best of both Arizona’s best real estate agents and M.L.S.’

An M.L.S. is primarily a local database that real estate agents use to list a property for sale. This means that when you list your property online, you get access to the Arizona best real estate agents and other M.L.S.’ also.

The better businesses in Arizona are likely to cover other such businesses in the state. For instance, an M.L.S. based out of Phoenix may cover other similar businesses in Tucson, Scottsdale, Flagstaff, and other cities. This means your listing will appear on the websites and listings of these other businesses. It will also offer syndication services that put up your listing in online real-estate marketplaces, real estate listings websites, and even full-service real estate brokerages. 

Seven, the best prices

A study by Bright M.L.S. found that the median sale prices for homes sold through M.L.S. were 16.98% higher than those sold off-M.L.S. The difference was higher for mid-sized homes at 18%. The 2-year study covered 442,829 comparable home sales in the mid-Atlantic region.4 The study attributed this difference in prices to an open, clear, and competitive market due to cooperation between agents and brokers.

And there you have it. This is why listing your house for sale with an Arizona flat fee M.L.S. provider gives you the best returns.

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