Best places to go for trekking in India

Trekking in India does not get restricted to a terrific expedition. The exciting trekking sites are also known for their beautiful ambiance. Are you looking for the top trekking places in India, we have your back. You can go to the Chadar trek in February, while April is the month to go for the Kedarkantha Trek.

We will give you the names of two such places where you can go trekking. keep reading to learn more about the trekking sites in India that are known for offering out-of-the-world expeditions.

What are the reasons to go for Kedarkantha Trek?  

If you want to go on straight to the mysterious and enchanting mountains of the Himalayas but don’t know where to go,    kedarkantha trekking shows the way. The trip to the kedarkantha Trek Stars from the Sakri village. It will take a thrilling ride from Dehradun and takes around 10 to 11 hours to bring you to Sakri. It is about 220 km long and traces its way through Damta, Mussoorie, Purola, Nagaon, and Naitwar. Kedarkantha stands out from the winter treks of the Himalayas as it is the only place you can experience trekking through the snow-clad mountains. If you have missed an opportunity to go trekking during winter, plan a trip to kedarkantha to experience snowfall and winter even in April.

When should you go to Kedarkantha Trek? 

 Here the temperature varies between -2 to 17 degree Celsius All Around The Year. So, the place offers charms at different points in time. The mountain destination has something in store for tourists, irrespective of the time they visit this site. During the months of May, June, and April, the place is pleasant and cool, making it time for sightseeing. 

At this time, the temperature in kedarkantha varies between 6 to 20 degrees Celsius.

Trekking becomes difficult in monsoons due to moderate to heavy rainfall and occasional landslides. If you are a beginner who wants to start trekking, visit the place during the autumn months. Kedarkantha looks quite tempting during October as it has colorful flowers blooming under bright sun rays.

How can you go to Kedarkantha Trek? 

If you go kedarkantha trekking, pass through the Sakri village, located 200 km from Dehradun. From Dehradun, you can catch a bus that takes you to the railway station. Dehradun remains well-connected with other major Indian cities like Delhi. The roadways will take ten hours to reach Sakri.  You can take the Hanol bus and stop by Mori.  You can board a shared Aur private taxi and reach Sakri Village. You can also book a Tempo Traveller to reach the village.

What are the activities to do during Kedarkantha Trek? 

Let’s talk about the things you can do in the kedarkantha Trek. It is one easy grade trek good for families and beginners. The journey through the pine forest of Govind National park. The Views From the top of the mountains are worth climbing at an altitude of 12500 feet. For people who don’t know how the reentrant is, it’s like a channel formed between hills where the rainwater flows.

Pitching a tent near the Juda ka Tal is perhaps the most wonderful thing. It allows you to camp by the side of the lake. It is claimed that Lord Shiva opened his locks there, and the water dripped from his hair.  It allows you to work with the microspikes in the snow, which is an experience never to be forgotten by first-timers.

What are the reasons to go for Chadar Trek?

Chadar trek is on the frozen water of the Zanskar river, which is the most difficult walkway in India. Climbing and maneuvering on the solid white ice sheet are not for all. A clear mind and good health and the ability to adhere to the leader’s command are a must when you go Chadar trek. it’s a trade route between Ladakh and Zanskar regions, which is more than a thousand-year-old path. 

It’s also called the Khado Sanglam by locals in the dialect.

When should you go to Chadar Trek?

  If you want to go trekking during February and January, Chader is the best place to go. It is one place where Zanskar freezes completely to form a hard layer of ice for people to walk on. The temperature drops down to minus 30 degree Celsius in January.  

As mentioned earlier, the best time to go the Chadar trek is mid January, as the lake is completely frozen.

 It’s the time when the trekkers can walk on the Ice sheet, which is about 6 feet deep. One can also go to Chadar Trek in February as the temperature drops to minus 25 degrees Celsius.

How can you go to Chadar Trek?

The total distance covered in the Chadar trek is about 17 km. Trekkers need to work 15 to 17 km in a day. The journey starts in New Delhi, where Chadar Trek entrants will be moved to Leh.  It gets followed by a visit to one of the nearby monasteries or any local festivals taking place.

On the third day, you will be taken on a full-day sightseeing tour of Phyang, Liker, and Alchi. On day four, you will trek from Leh to Chilling to Zaribago, covering the distance in five hours.

You begin trekking on the Chadar from Linghshed. On the ninth day, you will trek through Linghshed’s icy surroundings. You trek for four hours to Tsomopaldar after spending a day in the beautiful surroundings of the Himalayas and the mystical Zanskar River.

The following day, on the 11th, you trek for five hours from Tsomopaldar to Tilatdo. On day 12, you hike from Titado to Chilling for five hours.

What are the activities to do during Chadar Trek?

Trek along the frozen Zanskar River on the traditional winter trading route that connects Padum and Ladakh. Get a taste of Zanskar and Ladakh’s culture and traditions.

Explore the Gompas and forts surrounding Leh to allow your body to adjust to the altitude.

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