Best foods for healthy teeth

You cannot resist the sticky toffee pudding. Having a candy a day, keeps the heartache away. You are not so fond of milk unless it is loaded with sugar and chocolate. 

Never mind the impact of having the sweet tooth on your weight but have you considered the impact on your tooth?

Caring for our teeth 

Just as diet plays a principal role in proper functioning of our physical health, and has an influence on our mental health, it also is pertinent for our dental health as well. 

A poor diet does only jeopardize the shine on your teeth,  making your pearly whites not-so-pearly, it also leads to gum diseases and problems with the teeth, that then require treatment from your Dentist in Lahore

Even if you are not indulging too much in chocolate and sweets, if you are not taking the right diet for your teeth, you are still doing them a disservice. 

Hence, it is vital that you incorporate foods that are good for teeth in your diet. Some foods that you must take to improve the fate of your teeth are:


Your love for cheesy foods pays off with stronger teeth!

Not only is cheese a good source of calcium, but it is also a good source of proteins. Both these nutrients then help you in keeping your teeth strong. 

Moreover, cheese also reduces acidity, which helps in protecting the teeth. 

Green leafy vegetables 

Green leafy vegetables are great for promoting health. Loaded with goodness, vegetables like spinach, kale, lettuce help in keeping the teeth and gums disease-free as they contain vitamin A and b-group vitamins.

Lean mean and protein 

Protein is the basic building block of body, and naturally, also plays an important role in maintaining dental health. Lean meat and other sources of protein, like eggs and fish, help also in providing the body with sufficient amounts of phosphorous. 

Phosphorous helps in protecting the enamel, therefore, protects the teeth. Moreover, protein sources like chicken also contain nutrients like niacin, riboflavin, and iron, all of which are pertinent for maintaining the health of your teeth. 


Our teeth, much like our bones, are also made up of calcium and other minerals. To make sure that your teeth are strong, and do not break off easily –yes, that’s a thing! – you should  add adequate milk to your diet. 

Another important nutrient provided by milk is vitamin D. This nutrient is required by the body for to absorb calcium. Deficiency of vitamin D can potentially lead to burning mouth syndrome, a painful condition remarked by presence of burning sensation on the tongue, the palate, and the rest of the mouth. 

Sweet potatoes 

Another food that is good for your teeth are sweet potatoes. They are an excellent source of vitamin A, which helps in protecting the enamel on your teeth. It also thus helps in preventing cavities; stronger enamel means lesser gaping holes in your teeth as well.


While black tea can contribute towards staining of the teeth, it still offers benefits for the dental health otherwise. Alongside green tea, black tea helps in preventing the growth of harmful bacteria in the teeth. This then helps to curb dental diseases and problems like caries, sensitivity etc. 

Vitamin C rich foods 

Vitamin C is pertinent for preventing scurvy, a deficiency disease that makes the teeth loose and causes bleeding gum. Foods rich in vitamin C include berries and citrus fruits. 


Yogurt is lauded for supplying the body with good bacteria, the probiotics, that also have positive implications for your dental health as well. 

Furthermore, yogurt is also a good source of calcium and protein, which then help in fortifying the teeth.

 You can also consult a dietician via to help you with a meal plan that is good for your teeth. 


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