Best Effective Baby Food Items you Should Give your Child


When it comes to food, there is nothing really called the best for your kids. The word “Best” could be nearest to what fits your child best. Therefore, food should be always suitable for the age of the child. You should not introduce solid foods before six months. After six months you should gradually add semi-solids to your kid’s diet. But you should not reject any food item unless the child has an allergic reaction to it as this is the time when the food habits will develop for life. However, here we added guidance about the best baby food items you should give your child. It would be best to make the high fiber foods chart for better health. Many of us want to know about the high fiber foods chart as we are trying to make our diets healthier. Most of us eat meat, bread, dairy, and poultry daily.

1. Breast milk:

This one food always covers all facets of nutrition for the first year of your baby. It is so essential for developing immunity. Breast milk is low on iron. The nutrients are unmatched by any other fast food your baby can receive. However, breast milk boosts a baby’s immune system to prevent toxic bacterial maturation. It works against the conditions like ear infections, respiratory, etc. 

2. Avocados:

Avocados could be perfect for the new mother because the high-fat content doesn’t need to be cooked and also keeps the baby full for hours. The fruit is rich in fiber that babies need to support brain development. Avocado is a perfect Mushy food for infants. It shares a comparable nutrient shape.

3. Iron-fortified cereal:

Iron is a vital mineral. Iron presents a decrease in tiredness. It plays an important role in normal energy metabolism, cognitive function, oxygen transport, formation of red blood cells, and immune process. Choose a breakfast cereal that contains a good amount of iron as they have been fortified with the mineral. However, breast milk is low in iron. Cereals are fortified with iron and easy to summarize. Introduce your baby to iron-rich food when they start solids.

4. Red meat:

Red meat is a good source of iron, protein, and zinc. Nutrients of meat are vital for proper brain and muscular growth. Make sure it cooks very well when you do begin with it. Blend the meat and mix with breast milk and vegetable. It can be easily eaten. Add red meat to your kid’s menu anytime after starting solids. However, meat is a healthy first food choice that would help kids in developing their taste for meat early on.

5. Broccoli:

When your kid is out of spoon-feeding, broccoli can fit perfectly into baby fingers. Boil them to make them more soft and manageable. They are a good source of vitamin C. sometimes babies may not like the taste of broccoli so make the food more appealing you could. However, the right time to add broccoli to your baby’s food menu is at the age of 10 months old.

6. Sweet potatoes:

Sweet potatoes are high in nutrients. It could be a perfect first food for your baby. Sweet potatoes can be mushed upon cooking properly. Mushed the potatoes to get the creamy texture that makes it easy for babies to swallow. With the sweet taste, this food item has also made a favorite food among children. 

7. Genfo:

Genfo is an Ethiopian breakfast recipe. Genfo is also known as Ga’at Recipe. It includes a mixture of a variety of cereals which is very good for health. Babies really liked the taste. This breakfast food item can be prepared very easily within a few minutes. Mix it with a sweeter veggie like sweet potatoes and carrots to make the food more appealing. If the baby is prone to catching a cold then don’t serve anything to chill.

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