Best Durian Places in Johor Bahru (Malaysia)

Each year, peak season runs from June to August. You will see many durian stalls along the roadside in Johor Bahru offering different types of durian. Some stalls also offer durian buffets. Limited time offer

For your information, there are over 20 varieties of durian available in Malaysia. These include D1, D101 and D13. D17. D24. The Musang King, or Mao Shan Wang, is the most sought-after and desirable of all the durian varieties. The selling price of the Musang King or Mao Shan Wang is twice as high as other durian varieties.

Where can you find them in Johor Bahru? Today I will share the 9 most popular places to buy durian in Johor Bahru, JB.

1. Ah Shui Durian Stall

Ah Shui Durian Stall, one of Johor Bahru’s most famous durian stands, is a must-see. Their specialty is durians. The meat texture is smooth and slippery, and the flavor is strong. Each mouthful of strong smell stimulates the liver. Prices as low as RM5 per D13 durian. You won’t find many promotions that last for long so go down and enjoy a feast!

2.Durian King

The Durian King is a well-known spot for durian in Johor Bahru. It’s a must-see for all fans of the fruit. This is a large, zinc-roofed stall on the roadside with bright banners that make it easy to spot. You can also find other varieties of durian and rojak dishes.

3.Lim Durian Farm & Delivery

Lim Durian Farm & Delivery may allow you to enjoy high-quality durian varieties at affordable prices. You will not find low-quality durians.

4. Everyday fruit trading

Everyday fruit trading provides the best durians in the city and guarantees that customers get a fresh, natural durian whenever they pick up. Like most Durian stalls, this one also offers a fixed-price buffet.

5. Best Durian

The Best Durian shop is located in Johor Bahru (Malaysia), near Pasar Borong, the intersection of Johor and Peninsular roads. Their customers receive high-quality durians.


A shaded area for comfortable seating? Check. Check. Check. Woodlands is less than an hour away CHECK! You should add this durian spot to your bucket list. You don’t want to miss out on amazing deals via their social media.

7.Ah Tong’s Durian Sall

Ah Tong’s Durian Stall is the best place to go for delicious durians in JB. They have the finest durians and could satisfy your durian cravings. It sells quickly so make sure you go early!

8.Ang & Chuan Food Trading

You can also sample mangoes, sugary sweet sugarcane juice, mangosteens, and pomelos here. It’s a true match made in heaven, although it is a mix and match! If you are bringing friends who don’t love the king of fruits, they can still enjoy it!

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