Best Cleaning Logos And Refreshing Color Palettes

There is a common saying that whatever soothes the eyes, goes straight to the brain. And you might have also felt this in your school or college times. When you see a demonstration or pictorial representation of anything, it registers a message and goes into your long-term memory. But do you know why? That’s because of the color combinations and representations. All of that together gets registered in the heads of the viewer. But do you know the same happens with your logos as well? When you create a logo, there should be a few ingredients to keep in mind and one of them is the color palette. 

This point becomes important, especially for those who have to fetch the attention of the visitors. And you might have already guessed the same with the topic, yes it is the cleaning logos. One that’s used by companies offering cleaning services or people using those services. Over time, cleaning logos have become interesting and creative. So let’s have a look at some of the best logos.

  1. 4M cleaning 

When it comes to creating an interesting logo for your cleaning brand; we believe 4M cleaning has the best company logo design currently on the market. They have messed around with multiple colors, rather have chosen two and used them beautifully. And not just this they have taken things very far in terms of creativity because the usage of 4 and M in their logo design is perfect. It is made a bit slanting which looks like a person pushing a cart. 

Isn’t that interesting and creative? That’s the reason why we have mentioned this over any other. And the color combination they have used is Blue and White which is kind of crisp and soothing to the eye.

  1. JAM cleaning services

If you wish to create a logo that’s a bit more than just an alphabet then why don’t you try something like “JAM cleaning services” has done? It is one of the most creative ways to express and tell people about your work. If you have a closer look at the logo of this cleaning brand, you will get to see that the name “JAM” is written in blue and white. Not just that, the word is being dusted by a lady. And the word is written in a shiny way where you get the understanding that it is crystal clear.

And that’s surely one of the best ways to keep your logo away from clutter and express the best things about your brand. So, we believe the creators must have put in a lot of effort to make this a good one.

  1. Magic Mops

We all know that brooms and magic are very strongly connected and there were many childhood stories, cartoons, and even movies where brooms were used for the same. So, picking up the same thing from the past, Magic Mops has given a great logo to the market. And somewhere or the other they have set high standards for their competition. 

In the logo, you get to see a mop with stars on the top which shows that it is a magical mop. And it sends a direct message to the viewer that if their services are taken, you will get a magical cleaning or absolute cleaning in your house.

  1. EZ Clean Bin

Have you heard about this cleaning organization? They have been popular in America for their top-notch services. EZ Clean Bin is one of the best service providers in the market offering cleaning and sanitization to the house of people availing the services. 

If you have a look at the logo, there are a lot of things included in that. But it still looks clutter-free. And most of the credits for this go to the color palette chosen by the creator. There are a lot of words in the logo itself but you won’t find it difficult to read or stressful to remember things. The green and blue color combinations are done in the best way possible by the creator.

  1. Chemical Bros

Now understanding a company logo that has this as its name is quite convenient and easy, right? You do not have to make any random guesses because it is surely the logo of any cleaning company. Also, the illustrations in the logo are quite convincing and pleasing to the eye. If you have a logo like this, you need to choose the color palette very wisely. Make sure the color you have used is not too loud because that’s again a problem.

Coming back to Chemical Bros, this company offers chemical cleaning to commercial places. Like malls, markets, shops, offices, buildings, and so on. Commercial cleaning is also a part of their logo if you have a look at it.

  1. Kelly Clean

Now, when we came across this logo, there was a differentiating factor here. They have wisely and creatively integrated multiple things into a single space. They are not too loud in anything but speak everything that you must have thought of. There are many brands that have tried to imitate the same thing but haven’t been successful. Kelly Clean’s logo is “All Pink” logo with a spray bottle, a few water droplets at its mouth, a house’s illustration, and stars on the bottle. 

How beautifully done and taken minimal space; don’t you think the same? It is a good company and the logo is unforgettable!

  1. Bradens window cleaning

Now, the creator of this logo was wise enough to put everything in the logo itself. If you happen to look at the logo, you will notice that there is a window and wiper cleaning it. Then you will see “Bradens Window Cleaning” written all over it. In the minimalistic way possible, the person who has created this logo has given all the information to the viewer or customer. 

If someone is specifically looking for window cleaning of their mansion or a complete building, then they know who to call. Whereas if they don’t need the same, they won’t waste their time calling them up.

  1. Able Cleaning

This is one of those logos that we won’t be able to describe completely. Although it is a simple one, the creators have left no room for errors or other problems. In the logo, you have a man-like figure having a broom in hand and mopping the floor. Now, consider this as a logo that flashes in front of you. To top everything up they have used a good combination of blue and green. 

So, this is a logo that takes some space in our list. And you will surely get to learn a lot of things from this.


Now, how many of these logos were you acquainted with and how do you like the others? We believe the logo list could have been even bigger because we weren’t able to mention a few names that should have been there. But whatever the case, these are some of the best logo designs and color palettes in the market. If you are going to get into this business, taking cues from these logos will significantly help you. 

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