What are the 6 Best Career Options in India in 2022?

6 Best Career Options in India in 2022

Once in the life of every student, a quick thought about the career and confusion to choosing the one comes. They constantly search for the best career options in India, but couldn’t figure out which one to choose.

Students might take it as a burden but everyone has such a phase in their life. So, instead of worrying about it, we need to get a solution for it.

So, as the solutions, we will discuss India’s six best career options in 2022 based on our research. We will discuss these career options from various fields, including science, commerce, etc.

We have made this list based on their increased demand and popularity in the last few years. So, let us watch out for the top careers in India, according to which you can pick out one for yourself.

6 Best Career Options in India in 2022

1. Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountancy is among the best career options in India after the 12th. It is one of the highly paid career opportunities in India. And, the Chartered Accountant’s salary in India is 25 lakhs to 30 lakhs per year. The major job role of a Chartered Accountant is to manage the company’s auditing and accounting. In other words, you can say that a CA is responsible for holding the financial and accounting aspects of the company. 

To become a CA, you need to clear the CA course that consists of three exams and 3 years of article ship training. This is the most suitable job role for the students with commerce background, although the science and other background students can also appear in it. The course for CA is well versed and designed to examine whether the students are ready for multi-skills requiring a post of CA or not.

2. Medical Surgeons

Medical Surgeons and other jobs related to the medical field are also highly paid in India. Along with a great pay scale, the Medical field also has a high demand for surgeons. The average package of any Medical Surgeon will go above 20 lakhs per annum, which is again the initial price. You can also open a surgeon centre of your own and can get unlimited benefits from there. It can surely be the best career option for the future in India for students interested in Science background. 

Although the benefits and the perks of being a medical surgeon are high, becoming a medical surgeon is breathtaking. In India, you first need to crack the NEET exam, which is one of the toughest entrance exams. After that, the students need to attend the five years long MBBS degree, and finally, they become specialized surgeons or other doctors in their respective fields.

3. Digital Marketing

Right now, Digital Marketing is the top career option in India. With the rise in digital advertising, digital marketing has rapidly extended its area. As a digital marketer, you might have several job roles such as content writer, SEO expert, On-Page SEO, OFF Page SEO, etc.

Digital marketing brings you closer to the digital world, where you learn various new skills. The benefit of digital marketing is that you can do both freelancing and a job in a particular firm. Another option is to run your own business. If you’re a class 12th student, then digital marketing will be a good career option in India. To get into the Digital marketing industry, you must have good experience and sets of skills for which you can join some good numbers of digital marketing institutes.

Digital Marketing career

4. Data Scientist

Data Scientist is considered one of the significant career options in India. The data scientist’s work is to collect, evaluate, process, and predict the outcomes using the data.

Data scientists are a crucial part of any company or business that decides the major decisions that the company needs to make and also the potential threats that a company might face in the upcoming future.

These crucial roles of the data analyst make their post demanding and high paying as well. To become a data analyst, one needs to complete their graduation, do the respective course, and gain the required skills and qualities.

5. Software Engineers

Engineering is another highly paid career option in India, which might sum up to a total of 7 LPA to 20LPA packages. The demand for software engineers has risen with the increase in digital services and products.

The major role of software engineers is to develop software that is easy to understand for the users and is compatible. They also analyze all the possible risk factors and prevent them. If you are looking out for a career in this field, make sure that you are well versed with all the skills and the algorithms.

6. Product Management

The last on the list is Product Management, which is again a crucial pot in companies associated with some kinds of production tasks. The production manager brings the entire team to a single platform and creates the best idea to increase and emphasize production.

Every product manager’s decision has a direct impact on the production rate and hence the profit and loss of the company. It is among the unique career options in India that require many skills such as decision making and problem management.

How to Choose the Best Career for yourself?

Now, we will discuss some significant points on how you can choose the right career for yourself. The career selection does not depend on your stream, background, salary, etc.

So, let us analyze what you need to consider while choosing the best career for yourself.

  • Salary: The first thing that should hit your mind is that the career you choose must offer you a good package. You must not go for a career path that does not pay for your worth. So, point out the ways with high salary opportunities.
  • Job Satisfaction: Sometimes, we get engaged in a Job role that was not meant for us. In such cases, no matter what you get paid, you will always have a lack of satisfaction and confidence. So, choose the career path which is of your interest,
  • Growth and Security: Now, the other major thing that one has to consider is increasing demand and growth in the respective career option. It should not be stagnant or monotonous. It would help if you also got the opportunity to grow and get a secure job.


Therefore, a career is not a joke or game you can pick in a few seconds. It needs good research. But to go onto that research, you must be aware of what you need to research for.

However, to lessen your efforts to some extent, we shared with you the six best career options in India. You can pick the best options from the given list. Further, you can also research the career options and choose the best one for yourself. You can also consider significant salary, interest, scope, opportunities, etc. while considering your career option.

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