QuickBooks error 15241 [Resolved]

QuickBooks users have recently encountered a number of issues, one of which being Quickbooks error 15241. This error usually arises when a user attempts to download or update payroll services.  Another explanation for the error code 15241 could be that the QuickBooks Desktop File Copy Service is turned off. However, QuickBooks payroll updates can be quite inconvenient for users to deal with. In this article, we will take you through the major causes of this error code and will include all the possible solutions to resolve such an error code.…

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Enhanced Processors and Hardware Capabilities in Smartphones are Exciting Times for App Developers

APP developers

The holiday period around the world is a boon for businesses worldwide. From tech companies to retail stores and shopping malls, virtually every place is packed with customers looking to buy new goods and services. That’s why businesses and companies launch their new products or models during October-December. Google also launched its Pixel phones in October since launching it over eight years ago. Now it produces its line of different gadgets including Chromebook Pixel. Within a week, Google will launch Pixel 6 and 6 Pro on October 19 and these…

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How does consumption of caffeine affect the human mind and body?


In our daily lives, we consume caffeine on regular basis. The amount of caffeine is present in tea leaves, coffee beans, kola nuts, and cacao pods. Although, caffeine is a psychoactive natural substance used in many beverages. However, synthetically produced caffeine is used in medication and drugs. Also, it is an energy drink used to alert the mind and relax the body. After drinking caffeine beverages the body becomes more active and works efficiently. In addition, the presence of caffeine is almost in a very beverage. Although, the amount of…

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