Australian legal guide for buying cannabis seeds in 2022

There is a tendency in Australia for cannabis legalization. Nevertheless, possessing cannabis for recreational purposes is still forbidden in the majority of the country. In 2020, ACT (Australian Capital Territory) decriminalized recreational cannabis, the first-ever Australian Jurisdiction to do so. This is valid for people over 18 years old and they can possess up to 50 grams. It is still illegal to sell, distribute or consume cannabis in public places. Since the distribution is illegal, this implies that if you want to have a small, stock of cannabis, you should grow it yourself. If you are interested in growing some small quantities of cannabis, whether it’s for health reasons or solely recreational purposes, here are some tips on how to find cannabis seeds in Australia in 2022.

Find a legal cannabis seed seller in Australia

If you think of the Australian climate, you must realize that it is perfect for growing cannabis. Its climate is humid, hot, without harsh winters, so it’s ideal for many agricultural projects generally. Bear in mind that for growing cannabis you will need a license. The Federal Government can issue such a license, however, it can take several years to get the license so patience is required. If you want to do it a bit faster, you can buy seeds online from a legal seller that is licensed to sell cannabis seeds to medical patients (in case you need it for medical purposes).

Buy cannabis seeds from a reliable seller

A seed bank that is licensed to sell cannabis seed is obvious and the best choice if you need to make a purchase like this. People who are professionals in this business can provide you with the best quality seeds and with robust and healthy plants other than proven seed strains. You can buy cannabis seeds in Australia as souvenirs, body care, seed bank storage, and natural remedies among other legitimate reasons.

When to sprout cannabis seeds once you buy them

For the Southern Hemisphere where Australia belongs, the best period is October. However, it will take time for the seeds to grow so you have to find an adequate place to sprout your seeds, especially during winter. If sprouting has to take time during winter, luckily in Australia you don’t have to wait for a long time for the weather conditions to become better, so sometime after that when the spring is already there you can move your sprouts outdoors. When it comes to harvesting, the most common period is from March to May. In case you live a region with a very moderate temperature throughout the year, you don’t have to worry about your sprouts since you can grow them anytime.

Issues when growing cannabis in Australia

Despite the favorable climate in Australia, there are some drawbacks. The intense sun is one of them, which can make sprouting and growing difficult outdoors, especially in the summer months. Wild animals are a common thing so some of them can harm your harvest by eating it. Mold is another issue that can emerge, so pay attention to preserving your seeds from it, especially outdoors.

Choose the right cannabis strain

There are different cannabis strains you can cultivate depending on the effect you want to achieve. When informing about the specific strain, make sure it’s adequate for the climate of the region you live in. Depending on the climate it should be tolerant to whether drought or cold, along with mold and pests tolerance. Delta 8 THC strain is the one that gives you relaxation and peace, while there are others such as Durban Poison that promote energy boost and concentration. It is up to you to see which type suits you. Indica strain can cause appetite stimulation which makes it suitable for treating some weight issues and also it doesn’t give you the sensation of being stoned. Sativa strain, on the other hand, is the one that has an effect of increased euphoria. They are hybrids of these strains also.

Dealing with cannabis cultivation brings up legal issues that shouldn’t be neglected. Make sure you pay special attention to the legal regulations in the state you live in. If that is done, you can proceed with the purchase of cannabis seeds from a reliable seller and get information about sprouting and growing those seeds in order to obtain the best harvest for yourself.

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