Astrology Decoded – Why Are Capricorns So Serious And Judgmental?

Like it or not, being judgmental is not a very praise-worthy quality. Nobody likes it when people know that someone maintains an inventory of their behavior, likes, dislikes, and other characteristics. Also, concluding that they do not match the standards of people judging them can be a hit to one’s self-confidence. We all know that it is not the right thing to judge someone, but some of us, sometimes, cannot help it. 

According to an astrologer in Canada, Capricorn is one of the top-rated zodiac signs for being judgmental. Also, they state that they sometimes do this to feel more secure, and looking at others’ shortcomings gives them satisfaction. Such an approach towards life is not good and eventually puts you in a bad position among your peers. 

So, why is it that Capricorns are judgmental? After speaking to a few of them, the astrologers in Canada suggest a few specific reasons why the Capricorns are like this. 

The Negative Outlook On Life

Capricorns are known to be quite severe and stern. They might appear relatively calm on the outside, but they are pessimistic about life. They never look at the brighter side of life. Instead, they constantly analyze the frequency of negativity and react or take decisions, says the astrologer in Canada. This is the reason why they are judgmental towards people and situations. 

Cold-Hearted And Uncaring

Like it or not, Capricorns are somewhat selfish. All they think about is what they like and want. But when it comes to others, such concern and care are absent. This is why they are unaffected or unmoved by others’ feelings, situations, and circumstances. In short, it is all about them. 

Controlling Freaks

By now, if you have a Capricorn friend or partner, you will know that they are not the types who take orders from others. Whether it is an office, business, personal life, or family life, they like to take charge and be the decision-makers. They always see things according to their perspective and ensure that no one opposes that as it offends them, predict astrologers in Canada


Never think that a Capricorn will be a backbencher. They always like to put their best foot forward and be the leaders in their field. They want power, strength and often are not a “people person.” This is why they segregate people in their lives according to their preferences and choices. Not everyone is welcomed in their inner circle. This is the reason they are very judgmental and act like critics. 

Emotionally Unavailable 

Capricorn is the only sign which can control their unstable emotions and keep them in check. This is why if any other sign tries to reach out to them for support or help; they are usually unavailable. They would never understand your point of view or even help calm you down as they would not want such stress to be brushed onto their shoulders. Looking at people’s emotional state, they automatically make a quick exit! 

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