Are You Ready For The New Regulations Regarding Fire Safety?

In facilities management, the rules and regulations are considered the most important, centred on the importance of fire safety. In the wake of devastating fires like the one that occurred at Grenfell, legislation governing fire safety has been subjected to a thorough assessment and is undergoing significant revision.

The material and structure of the building’s external walls and cladding were the fundamental cause of the rapidity with which the fire spread throughout the building in the tragic instance of Grenfell Tower. This was the primary reason why the fire was able to spread throughout the building. The investigation team into the Grenfell fire concluded that the flammable cladding with polyethene cores served as a source of fuel for the fire. New fire safety standards, as well as new techniques, such as the PAS9980:2022, have been developed as a direct result of the legislative evaluations that have taken place.

What Exactly Is The PAS 9980:2022 Norm?

PAS 9980:2022 is a new code of practice that offers a methodology for fire risk analysis of the existing multi-story and multiple occupancy residential structures’ exterior wall construction and cladding. This code of practice was published in February of 2022.

PAS 9980:2022 is a standard developed by the British Standards Institution (BSI) for use by fire engineers and other professionals who are responsible for advising on the fire risk associated with the building of exterior walls. Appraisals are brought into conformity with a standard format, and the process guarantees that all prerequisites are satisfied.

FR Consulting gives more in-depth guidance on evaluating the construction of exterior walls and cladding in a procedure broken down into five steps.

The fire risk appraisal of exterior walls, also known as FRAEW, is an essential step in determining the danger the building’s inhabitants face in the event of a fire. You should be able to address all the essential concerns if you offer a detailed instruction manual on how to conduct the evaluation.

What Effects Does PAS 9980:2022 Have On My Company And Its Assets?

The FRAEW process will now have a more systematic approach, as well as more explicit instructions, as a result of the new laws. It enhances the knowledge that fire engineers and other responsible professionals have and enables more uniform training for executing FRAEWs.

Regarding assets, it gives building owners and facility managers more guidelines on safeguarding inhabitants from harm. However, many firms will require significant additional effort to comply with the new fire safety laws. In addition, more funds could be required to guarantee conformity with the new requirements. It is possible that to assure compliance with the new requirements, it will be essential to either hire a fire risk assessment specialist or teach current staff members who do not have the relevant skills.

Additional Assistance With The Newly Implemented Fire Safety Requirements

Concerto, the software solution offered by Facade Consultants, assists businesses in becoming more compliant with the applicable requirements by drawing attention to potential hazards from an examination of estate circumstances.

Facade Consultants offers professional compliance and safety audits using certified consultants knowledgeable of the most current legislative requirements. These requirements include the revisions to the Fire Safety Order and the PAS 9980:2022 code of practice.

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