Are Leveling Kits Bad For Your Truck?

Many aftermarket components alter the riding performance of your truck. Whether you’re looking for a sky-high view as you drive around town or need a little more clearance for your 4×4, check out leveling kits. Are leveling kits bad? Learn more about these popular kits and their pros and cons.

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How Leveling Kits Affect Your Truck

A stock truck comes with a raked stance. This means the rear end is slightly higher than the front end, giving your rig a wedge-shaped look. There are a few benefits and disadvantages to this design.

A raked design promotes fuel economy and reduces wind resistance. Some drivers also prefer the wedge-shaped look. These are the main reasons why most stock trucks have a slightly higher rear end. Even though there are benefits to this design, there are also some convincing reasons to lift up the front and create a more balanced look.

Truck leveling kits and Jeep lift kits are designed to remove this angled design feature. Instead of riding with the nose of your vehicle pointed down, a lift kit brings up the front end to match the rear end. The result may be slightly lower fuel economy, but you’ll also enjoy increased clearance and an altered look.

A leveling kit is mostly just a few spacers, but these small components can make a big difference. Polyurethane coil spacers are a common option for reducing the chassis noise on an off-road trail, and both aluminum and steel spacers may rust after years of use on the trail.

Additional Suspension Upgrades

Proper installation of a leveling kit won’t negatively affect your truck’s performance. Some larger leveling kits, however, do put additional strain on your suspension system. If you’re installing a lift kit or a leveling kit with large spacers, then you may need some additional suspension components.

Consider new shocks if you’re lifting your truck more than an inch or two. If you need more clearance than this, then you’re likely going to need a lift kit. Lift kits include brake line extensions and other components to safely lift up and level both the front and rear of your truck.

Signs It’s Time To Purchase a Leveling Kit

A stock truck may be fine for most drivers, but if you’re a diehard off-roader or want a unique look to your ride, then it’s time to purchase a leveling kit. A leveling kit gives you the room you need to swap out those stock tires for a larger set or take on a new off-road trail with a few extra inches of lift.

When a leveling kit doesn’t provide the clearance you need for the most demanding trails, it’s time for a Fox lift kit. Jack up your truck and give it 4 inches or more of lift to conquer challenging drives and turn heads wherever you go.

Where To Find a Quality Kit For Your Truck

Check out highly rated lift and leveling kits online to improve the off-road performance and everyday style of your rig. Review materials, lift heights and other features of popular kits today. Enjoy a competitive rate on stylish components to personalize your truck.

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