Appliance Repair vs. Appliance Replacement

Appliance Repair

The hardest decision is when one of the most commonly used appliances fails. A broken appliance can cost a lot of money to fix or replace. So how do you determine whether you’re spending the right amount of money on a quality product or if you’re spending it on a temporary fix? Sometimes fixing broken items to make them run a little longer can be a waste of money.

Home appliances are one of the most important investments homeowners can make. But, unfortunately, even the most expensive appliances are likely to fail at some point. So it’s crucial to know the value of your appliances and what to do if they need to be repaired or replaced.

You should be aware of the average lifespan of your home appliances.  If you need appliance repair appropriately done, Annexo’s experts will provide it.

Appliances like the stove, washer, dishwasher, and refrigerator should all work smoothly. It can be achieved by maintaining your appliances. However, maintenance isn’t the only option. There are repair and replacement options.

Sometimes, repairs are a temporary and costly solution. Repairs can decrease the appliance’s lifespan by many years. Even though there’s no universal solution, we can give some suggestions. Annexo is always available to assist you with any maintenance, repair, and replacement work.

Let’s look at the advantages of professional appliance repair.

Money savings:

If we’re talking about an appliance the size and cost of a washing machine, this will likely be a costly purchase. That’s a substantial investment. If you assume that you must make this investment without considering whether you can repair it, you could end up spending money you don’t need. Repair is typically cheaper than replacing your appliance and can prolong the appliance’s life.


It is easier to get repair or maintenance done by an appliance company than to shop around and spend money on a new appliance. Then you have to worry about bringing your appliance home and dealing with the installation.


You can do your appliance needs repair in many cases. In other instances, you might be better off allowing professionals to repair your appliance. Conner’s appliance can do any appliance repair, even very complicated projects.


A second advantage of hiring professionals to repair your appliances is safety. Depending on what problem you have, certain appliances can become dangerous.

It is time to replace or fix your appliances.

Annexo appliance experts can help you determine if your appliances need to get repaired or replaced. So, they can decide if repair is proper for you or not. Whatever your case, you can trust us that we will solve it in the most efficient way possible for you, our valued client.

Comparing kitchen appliances repairs and replacements:  

A pricing guide for appliance repairs in Dublin is a great way to decide between replacement or repair. Here are the prices of the most commonly used appliances.


The national average cost for a new fridge ranges between $350 and $2,000. Refurbishing a fridge in Portland is possible for an average cost of $150 or less.

Microwave ovens:

It is cheaper to repair a microwave than a fridge. Usually, the cost is between $100-150. They can be more affordable if there are no complicated repairs, such as replacing plugs or repairing electrical cords that have become damaged. So, these cost estimates already include labor and parts.

Oven ranges:

A typical repair cost for a small oven range problem is $50 to $100. However, a more expensive repair will be required for significant components such as the oven or burner. These parts are the most costly and will require more time to repair.

It’s still much cheaper than purchasing an oven range. So, they cost between $1,000 and $5,000. Repairing your oven is more affordable if it is under five years of age.

Signs your appliance requires repair:

Constant use of household appliances can cause wear and tear. So, if they are causing you inconvenience, contact an appliance technician immediately.


If your dryer takes longer drying the clothes you wear, this is likely due to lint buildup. These residues can slow down the dryer’s performance. For clothes to be completely dry, you might need to run another dryer cycle.

A dryer that isn’t working correctly could be a blocked vent or material crush or twist. So, you should call a repair company immediately to resolve the issue. They can also detect other problems. Remember, the machine should not be left to dry!


If water seeps from underneath the machine’s surface, it could indicate that the hose is kinked. If it’s not, the problem could indicate a water leak. Call a professional to replace it. So, it is best to let it wash and not crash.

Air conditioner:

Your air conditioning system should not be humming. So, it should not make strange or even buzzing sounds. The situation could be worse than a loose part if you hear grinding noises.

It is possible to smell unpleasant odors coming out of your cooling system. In addition, a musty smell can result from mold growth in your cooling system. So, you should immediately call a technician if you spot any of these signs. This will ensure that your air conditioner keeps your room cool and doesn’t become contaminated with mold.

Refresh your filters:

Pod coffee machine:

Filters typically need to change every two months. So, make sure to check the owner’s manual.


Vacuum weekly. Once a month, rinse the filter with warm soapy water. Dry it on a towel. The filter should change annually.

 The stove hood is recommended that aluminum grease filters be cleaned once every three months using warm water and soap. So, charcoal filters should only be replaced every six to twelve months.

Humidifier panel:

The filter should be replaced once per heating season.


If your filters are one- to two-inch in size, you should change them every other month. Pet owners should consider replacing filters more frequently.

 Bathroom fans should clean at least twice annually. So, if the fan cover is not removable, you can wipe the blades or other non-electric parts clean with a cloth with an all-purpose solution.

Refrigerator water filter:

These need to be replaced two times a year typically. Please refer to the owner’s handbook for guidelines.


This is how frustrating it is to find out that your milk is too cold or that your oven temperature is wrong. It can also disrupt your day and leave you unsure if you should hire someone for appliance repairs or replacement. So, to help you and your family make an informed decision about whether you should replace or fix your appliance, you can carefully consider the above-mentioned points.

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