Animal Crossing New Horizons Ultimate Beginner Guide

First, game player must establish a correct cognition: “Animal Crossing New Horizons” is a game that flows through water and water. It is designed to allow players to play for a while every day, rather than achieving all the goals in the game in a short time and losing the motivation to continue playing. If you love the game rhythm from scratch and small changes every day, the Animal Crossing New Horizons will surely keep you company for a long time. I never met this game player before I gathered in the Animal Crossing New Horizons. I am afraid I will be confused when I first do my homework. Therefore, our campfire camp has specially sorted out the common questions of “novice Island owners” to share with you! We also welcome the old village heads to share their experiences in the comment area. Let’s turn the unmanned island into an outdoor paradise!

How to fish in Animal Crossing New Horizons:

Step1: equip fishing rod.

Step2: go to the puddle, river, or seaside to look for the fish shadow. Pay attention not to run near the fish shadow (press key B). The sound of running will scare the fish away.

Step3: press the key to throw the bait in front of the fish shadow. The fish will swim to the bait when they see it. Wait until the bait completely sinks into the water, and then press the a key to start the rod.

How to catch insects in Animal Crossing New Horizons:

Step1: equip insect net.

Step2: press the key at a distance of about one rod from the insect. Flying insects will not disappear even if they fail to catch them, but beetles that stay on the trunk will fly away if they fail to catch them.

In addition, cicadas and bees will appear when shaking trees and spiders will appear when knocking stones. These insects can also be caught, but the timing is difficult to grasp. If they fail, they may be injured. When bees appear, they can run to nearby houses to avoid. If they are bitten, they can spend 400 Animal Crossing bells to buy medicine in the store. Bees will leave hives after flying away. Remember to pick them up and sell them for bells.

How to mine in Animal Crossing New Horizons:

Step1: equip the shovel.

Step2: find a stone, dig a pit one position behind the stone, stand between the pit and the stone, and hit the stone continuously with a shovel to eject the ore, which can be knocked up to 8 times. The reason for this is that every time you hit a stone, the player will step back, but if there is a pit behind him, he will not step back, so he can knock 8 times in a limited time.

How to get a balloon gift in Animal Crossing New Horizons:

When the wind blows, balloons with gift boxes sometimes appear in the air. After being equipped with a slingshot, you can break the balloon by standing under the balloon and launching a slingshot.

Slingshots can be purchased from stores or made by yourself after purchasing DIY manuals from stores.

How to make props in Animal Crossing New Horizons:

Soon after the game starts, you can use the worktable to do DIY in the civet cat.

DIY requires the formula of props and corresponding materials.

How to get DIY recipe in Animal Crossing New Horizons:

1. The plot starts automatically

2. Start after talking to the small animals

3. Buy from the store

4. Start with drifting bottles

5. Dialogue with visitors can start with special recipes

6. Learn some props automatically

7. Free from Nintendo

When can I have a house in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

In short, first accumulate miles! In the “nook Tour” of the mobile phone, you can see which projects can be started. The conditions reached in the initial stage are very simple. First try to repay the loan of 5000 ACNH Nook Miles, and then you can build a house! (more loans will be owed at the same time)

How can I make bells in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

1. Sell the captured insects, fish, flowers, fruits, shells and other sundries to the store.

2. There is a special fruit on each island, with a total of 5 kinds, namely pear, cherry, apple, peach and orange. There will only be one kind of specialty fruit on the player’s own island, and other fruits can be exchanged with other players. Fruits from other islands can also germinate and bear fruit on their own island. This foreign fruit can sell for 500 bells each.

3. Shaking the tree every day can not only drop branches, but also a small amount of bell money and furniture.

4. Every day there will be any stone on the island that can knock out money. Please refer to the mining operation above and try to strike 8 times in a row!

5. After the civet cat’s shop is officially opened, there will be a high price to buy services every day. You can get several times the original price by selling the specified props.

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