An Insurance Company May Use These Tricks to Devalue or Deny Your Claim

If you have incurred injuries due to someone else’s fault, you will hear from their insurance company’s adjuster. You need to know that the adjuster does not work for your interests. Instead, they have been trained by the insurance company to protect their interests. The company’s primary goal is not to pay you or as little as possible. Therefore, the adjuster will show up to ensure this. When you are injured in South Carolina because of another person’s negligence, it is vital to consult South Carolina personal injury attorneys to see the way forward. There are tactics that insurance companies use to devalue or deny claims. It is crucial to know them so that you are not duped into believing you deserve nothing or less of what you claim. Here are the tricks they will use to deceive you.

  1. Calling You Immediately After the Injury

The company will call you immediately after the accident when you are still vulnerable. They will do this to convince you. They do this before you get time to know the extent of the injuries and before you hire an attorney. The adjuster will call you to apologize and entice you into trusting them. They may even agree with everything and that they believe you. You must remember the adjuster is working for the insurance company’s interest and not yours. Therefore, don’t let down your guard or give information they can use against you.

  1. Offering a Quick Settlement

Immediately after suffering the injuries, you are in a vulnerable moment, and it can be tempting to settle for anything to get over the trauma. The insurance company knows this, so that they will make a quick offer. Don’t sign the release. Instead, wait for a medical report to see the extent of the injuries. Your lawyer will also help you evaluate if the settlement is fair enough. Never accept the initial offer the insurance company provides. Instead, gather all the details you need to understand the strength of your claim.

  1. Saying You Took Too Long

Sometimes it may take a longer to know the full extent of your injuries or gather the details you need to back up your claim. The insurance company can intimidate you into believing you took too long and that your claim may not be qualified. The only person who should tell you this is your lawyer if you have already passed the time required to file a claim. Indicate the reasons for the delay and disagree with them that you delayed.

  1. Asking for a Recorded Statement

This is another common tactic that the insurance company might use. The adjuster might ask you to give a recorded statement about the accident. Adjusters don’t record your information to provide you with fair compensation. They do it to hold you accountable in case you change what you said on the record. The adjuster will do anything to pay less or nothing, and a recorded statement is one of the tricks. Therefore, if they ask for recorded information, decline politely.


These are four tactics that insurance companies use not to pay or pay less for a claim. It is essential to work with an attorney to know what is viable and reasonable and when the company is duping you into believing you don’t have a case.

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