Amped WiFi Extender Not Working and Keeps Disconnecting?

Although Amped WiFi range extender is a superb device to provide high-speed internet on every device from any corner of your house, it is prone to many technical issues. And, the most common issue that users usually complaints that there Amped extender is not working. Rather, it is disconnecting continuously. If you are also experiencing the same issue, then this Amped extender troubleshooting guide would be the rescue plan for you.

Here, we will walk you through some of the tested and proven troubleshooting tips that will help you make your Amped extender working effectively like never before. Hence, keep reading!

Why Amped Extender Not Working Effectively?

Prior to delving into the hacks, let’s have a look at the reasons why your Amped extender is not working smoothly:

  • Improper placement of Amped extender
  • Outdated Amped extender firmware
  • You have not accessed the Amped extender’s SSID
  • Partial Amped extender setup
  • Your internet connection is weak

Enough about the reasons that are making your Amped extender work at a snail’s pace. Without further discussion, let’s make your device run at leopard speed.

How Can I Improve My Extender Performance?

Fix 1: Relocate Your Amped Extender

The performance of your Amped extender may degrade if it is not placed at the center-most area of your home. Apart from this, placing it inside a cabinet, beneath a table, or the back of your computer or laptop, then surely you will not going to make the most out of it.

Hence, choose an open, airy, and high area for your Amped extender to place.

Apart from this, if you have located your Amped extender closer to baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, Alexa devices, and so on, then also the device performance will not be up-to-the-mark. Therefore, keeping your Amped device away from obstructions will somehow improve its performance.

Fix 2: Check the Connectivity

If you want to enhance your Amped extender’s performance to great extent, then you need to check the wired or wireless connection you have made between it and your host router. How? Just ensure that the cable you have used is in working condition. Apart from this, it (the cable) is supposed to be inserted firmly. Now, you need to check the connection made by you. How? Try to pull out the Ethernet cable! Does it come out easily? If not, then the Ethernet connection is successfully made.

Regarding wireless connection, you must keep your devices in close proximity and your internet speed must be blazing fast. Bear in mind, slow internet can also be the biggest reason why your Amped extender is acting weird. So, we advise you to get in touch with your internet service provider. He is the only one who can improve your internet speed.

And, there you are! You are now getting sufficient internet speed from the ISP end, don’t you? Now, you will have no issues while connecting your Amped extender and host router wirelessly.

Fix 3: Power Cycle Your Amped Extender

Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve major technical issues with your Amped wireless extender. And, this process can also help your device (Amped extender) to work in an efficient manner. Hence, we suggested you power cycle your device.

Here are the instructions to implement the process:

  • First things first, power off your Amped extender and then, disconnect it from your host router.
  • After implementing the first step, wait for some time and then plug in your Amped extender back in. Ensure to use a working wall socket for your extender. Apart from this, the wall socket must be in good condition and provide steady power to the Amped device.

Now, try to access the Amped setup page to see if the WiFi range extender has started working for you.

Need More Help?

Still unable to make the most out of your Amped range extender? If so, then it seems like the Amped extender setup is not performed properly. Therefore, ensure to configure your device completely and in a proper manner.

After a successful configuration of your Amped extender, you will start making the most out of it already.

Anticipating that the fixes provided here help your Amped extender work for you! Is it disconnecting again and again? If not, then it’s really very good news. Now, you are all set to make the most out of it.

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