Amazing Gadgets for Seniors

Nowadays, there is a whole array of wonderful technology out there specifically designed for seniors. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or out to find the perfect gift for the elderly person in your life, this article has everything you need to get inspired. Check out these amazing gadgets for seniors in the list below. 


A good cell phone 

A good mobile phone is essential for anyone living on their own, but it can be especially important for senior citizens. Make sure you choose a phone that is easy to see and use so the senior in your life won’t have any difficulties while using it. It should also have large buttons and easy-to-read text.

There are lots of different apps available on Apple which are great for seniors, including emergency alert systems, GPS trackers to keep an eye on loved ones who live on their own, medical reminder apps to remind them about medications, exercise goals, or even medication schedules. There are lots of different apps out there, though, so you might want to look into all the options before buying a cell phone for your loved one.


A home security camera  

Many seniors are reluctant to leave their homes, so having a personal security camera can be an excellent way to give them the confidence they need to go out on their own, even if it’s just for short trips around the neighborhood. They can sit back and relax while still keeping an eye on what’s happening inside the house or in different rooms of the house itself. Some cameras also come with two-way communication, which means that you could actually speak with them using the device if there is ever any suspicious activity.


Personal alarm systems

Personal alarm systems work in a similar way to mobile phones with SOS buttons, but they’re designed specifically for seniors. The senior wears a small monitoring device that is connected to the home phone line, and when there is any danger, it will automatically dial up to four preset numbers which could be family members or neighbors who can go and check on them. They’re perfect for seniors living alone so they can feel confident when going out of the house, as if things get bad, they have quick access to help from loved ones.

Gadgets like this often come as standard in assisted living facilities like Belmont Village Buffalo Grove. That can be reassuring, as it gives you or your loved one that extra peace of mind. That’s why these personal alarms are so good; they can alert a care worker or relative in the blink of an eye. 


Robot vacuum cleaner 

If the senior in your life lives on their own or is still pretty independent, they might enjoy having a robot vacuum cleaner. These devices are able to detect obstacles and change direction if something gets in their way, which is usually enough to avoid collisions with larger items of furniture. However, it won’t be able to climb up stairs, so you would need to keep that in mind before buying one. Alternatively, it might be worth getting them a small stick-style vacuum cleaner instead, which will allow them to clean without too much effort. 


Motion sensors 

Motion sensors are another great option for seniors. You can attach them to different places around the house so that if there isn’t any movement for a certain amount of time, it will send an alert straight to your mobile phone or even call up a personal alarm system in some cases. This is good for monitoring things like when the mail has arrived or when friends have come round when they need help with something, but it could also be used as security against intruders coming into the home while you’re away on vacation.


Home automation 

Home automation technology essentially allows you to control all kinds of devices in your home remotely using one central hub. So, if you want to turn off all the lights before you go to bed at night or turn down your heating so that it doesn’t run up huge electricity bills when you’re not there, you can do all of that through the same place. This is very useful for elderly people. With this system in place, they don’t have to worry about coming back to a bill that covers an entire month’s worth of energy usage in one evening.


Easy kitchen gadgets 

There are some great gadgets for the kitchen that can make life a little bit easier for senior citizens. For example, you could get them an electric carving knife which is particularly useful since they’re usually thinner than normal knives and will cause less of a strain on their wrists when using it. Plus, there are lots of different types available, so you should be able to find one that suits their needs depending on what type of food they like to cook. 

Another handy gadget for the kitchen is a hands-free can opener. If your loved one has trouble opening cans because of arthritis or other conditions in their hands, then this gadget might help solve that problem by freeing up their hand to hold the can while it opens itself at the other end.


Key safe

If you have a senior living on their own who you trust to go out of the house from time to time but don’t want them having to take any important keys with them in case anything happens during their daily activities, then you might like the idea of getting them a key safe instead.

These look like small boxes that can be mounted onto walls or door fronts and are perfect for storing things like house keys when they’re not around. It can be programmed into your phone so that if they forget their keys, it will allow you to open the box remotely and put new ones in while also sending yourself an alert at the same time. That way, if there isn’t anybody available to help them get back into their house, you can sort that out without them even knowing.

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