Alternative Addiction Treatments: The Benefits

Professional addiction treatment services, such as those offered by traditional outpatient and inpatient programs, have proven to be highly effective in helping people recover from active substance abuse disorders. These services, including evidence-based therapies and treatments, continue to be as effective today. For some, traditional addiction treatment is insufficient or provides a greater benefit than expected. Many alternatives to traditional addiction treatment can have as powerful an impact as traditional.

Different Types Of Addiction Treatment

Although people with substance abuse disorders have many similarities, not all recover the same way. Alternative addiction treatment allows addicts to recover in non-traditional but still effective ways. These are the most popular alternative treatment options for addiction.

Equine Therapy: Equine therapy is a therapy that brings horses and patients together in a therapeutic setting. It encourages deep healing and self-realization. Horses are considered “therapists” because they can absorb the energy of others and keep a safe, non-judgmental space. Equine therapy sessions will see patients work with horses to address trauma, trust problems, and lack of self-confidence.

Art Therapy: It is a form of therapy that includes painting, sketching, and crafting. It can also include coloring. Art therapy can be used as an addition to a treatment plan. It is intended to encourage self-expression and self-exploration.

Mindfulness Therapy: It takes practice and perseverance to master the art of mindfulness. Mindfulness therapy helps people focus on the present moment, not the future. It also helps them to develop skills that will help them to maintain peace and clarity of mind.

Psychodrama: Psychodrama is an alternative therapy that encourages patients to act out certain experiences from their lives that contributed to their substance abuse disorder. You can do it one-on-one or in groups with a therapist. Psychodrama’s main goal is to help one heal from a traumatizing or upsetting experience. It involves reliving the event and drawing a realistic conclusion.

Biofeedback: The common challenge of recovering addicts and alcoholics is emotional regulation. It cannot be easy to learn how to control your emotions, especially if you have never tried it before. Biofeedback allows patients to see how they react to certain topics and experiences. This is accomplished by connecting the patient to a machine that can monitor their heart rate and muscle tension.

Benefits Of Alternative Treatments For Addiction

In my opinion, the greatest benefit of addiction treatment is the ability to help patients focus on the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of their lives and character. Alternative therapies are holistic and cover all bases. Alternative addiction offers more than just a complete addiction treatment.

A Less Intimidating Type Of Treatment For Addiction

People are often reluctant to go to traditional therapeutic environments such as residence halls or office buildings. People may feel uncomfortable sitting with others or a therapist in a private room. This can hinder their ability to get the best out of their recovery. Patients offered alternative addiction treatment programs often feel less intimidated because the environment is more casual and relaxed.

Increase Self-Awareness

People can become sober and struggle with not knowing anything about themselves. Equine therapy and mindfulness therapy, which requires patients to be in touch with their mental, spiritual, and emotional selves, are both highly effective therapies for helping patients become more self-aware.

Encourages Confidence

Biofeedback and mindfulness are alternative therapies that help patients to access their inner abilities and control their behavior, emotions, and actions. They also teach them how to heal and manage unrest. Patients learn to harness their bodies and minds in ways that help them stay in recovery. As patients begin to see the power in themselves, their confidence grows.

Mental And Physical Well-Being

All types of addiction treatment can improve a person’s mental and physical health. These alternative treatments are particularly helpful because they strongly emphasize all aspects of one’s life. Mindfulness, for example, can teach people how to change their negative thinking patterns. This will, in turn, help them avoid engaging in destructive behavior that could endanger their mental and physical health.

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