All That You Must Know About Divine Masculine

Being a guy and being a manly man are topics that are receiving more and more attention these days. The divine feminine action-based equivalent is the divine masculine energy.

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What is divine masculine?

The universes and planets male energy is manifested as the divine masculine. The aspect of you known as the divine masculine stands for the earthy side associated with work, money, strategy, and self-control.

Anything substantial in our outside world, such as money, the body, health, energy, sexuality, the home, the family, and more, can represent “male energy.” We can observe it in our physical well-being or appearance, our daily energy, the money we handle, the jobs we hold, and whatever else we judge to be useful or successful in the world.

The divine male possesses both a material and rational mind. Its primary goal is to communicate through a focus on effectiveness and pragmatism.

Why should you develop your masculine energy?

As we can see, having both male and feminine energy is beneficial and necessary.

A man with a masculine core, however, is representing the divine male essence less fully when he operates primarily from his feminine or his wounded masculinity.

Every man desires the kind of woman who is seductive and attractively feminine, and this exact essence attracts her. The kind of lady we merely want to adore, cherish, care for, safeguard, and consume.

This is why it is so crucial to cultivate masculine energy. Working to develop your healthy masculinity will result in you displaying more naturally male qualities.

This will enhance your attractiveness and make you irresistible to ladies. It will make it easier for you to find love if you are single. If you and your woman are already together, it will make you two more polar opposites.

Things between the two will sizzle when there is greater polarity. There will be sparks! You will have soul-shaking sex that is better and more electrifying than you have ever experienced before.

How can you awaken your divine masculine energy?

You must discover how to embrace and balance the divine masculine and feminine if you want to be spiritually enlightened. Here are a few surefire methods to achieve it:

  1. Take responsibility

Stop blaming your parents for what they were not able to provide for you and take back control of how you live your life.

  • Practice grounding exercises

Being steady and driven is what the divine masculinity is all about. Therefore, grounding activities like yoga, meditation, or simply sitting outside alone could be beneficial to achieving inner tranquilly.

  • Take care of someone/something

This energy takes great pride in offering assistance or providing a shelter for vulnerable individuals or animals. It is about taking responsibility for your actions and those of your community.

Luckily, this energy is always there and as a matter of fact, the energy is fluid, which can always be either changed or redirected the way you would want.

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