Advanced Guide to Choosing the Right RYT Certification

RYT Certification

Everyone talks abundantly about joining a yoga teacher training course to become a certified yoga instructor. However, not everyone explains how to take the first step. There are plenty of things you should keep in mind while selecting an RYT certification course. Neglecting those crucial points might result in you ending at the wrong place to practice yoga.

With that said, let’s have a look at some of the most important elements of an RYT certification you should be aware of. This will help you choose the perfect course. Read on.

RYT Certification Courses

Plenty of yoga courses are available that cater to the needs of diverse yoga practitioners. However, out of all these, three primary courses that come forward are as follows:

200 Hour YTT

To facilitate beginners with the best start for their yoga teacher training, a 200 hour yoga teacher training course came into being. When a person has the least idea about yoga and its practices, he or she should join a 200 hour YTT course.

300 Hour YTT

Some yoga practitioners start practicing on their own and excel in some fields. After practicing yoga for a few years, if you seek to learn from an expert yoga master, the 300 hour yoga teacher training comes into action. This intermediate-level yoga training course is perfect for yoga practitioners with a few years of experience.

500 Hour YTT

Leveling up your yoga practice is one of the goals of all yoga practitioners. In that case, there is a 500 hour yoga teacher training course at your disposal. This takes you towards the spiritual realm along with mastering the physical and mental dimensions. Therefore, you become a yoga master upon the completion of your yoga course.

Crucial Elements of an RYT Certification Course

Every other yoga school around the corner is offering all the three primary yoga courses mentioned above. So, how would you know which one is the best for you? Well, for that, check out the most important elements of an RYT certification course. This ensures you have chosen the right course from the right place. To know more, keep reading.

Yoga Alliance Certification

When it comes to choosing an RYT certification, the yoga certification is the number one entity you should be aware of. Hence, while looking for an RYT certification, ensure that it is the Yoga Alliance certified. Having the Yoga Alliance certification ensures that it is according to international standards.

Registered Yoga School

Another crucial point that ensures you join the best certification course is to join a registered yoga school. The yoga school should be registered with the Yoga Alliance, USA. All the registered yoga schools have to follow a certain set of rules and regulations that ensure you get all the basic facilities.

The above-mentioned are the most crucial entities when you think about joining an RYT certification. However, there are still more points that you should check before joining an RYS school. For that, check out the following points.

How to Choose the Best RYT Certification


You might have joined a Yoga Alliance certified course and school. However, if that school is located in the middle of a noisy town, how will you concentrate. Or, what about practicing yoga in a tourist magnet location.

All such things might seem small, however, they play a very crucial role in perfecting your yoga practice. Choose a serene, beautiful, and nature-friendly place.

Yoga Forms

Do you want a physical transformation or want to touch the deepest core of your mind? Keep in mind that both goals need different yoga forms to reach them. You cannot achieve mental depth with Vinyasa or Hatha yoga.

Hence, choosing the right form of yoga should be also in your mind.


Teachers are like mortal Gods that teach students how to be on their own in life. That is like nourishing a child to bear the burden of life. So, having an ideal teacher is a must when you wish to join an RYT certification. Therefore, choose a certified yoga teacher when you choose an RYS (Registered Yoga School).

Sum Up

The list never ends when you go into details to choose an RYT certification. However, make sure you don’t miss out on the above-mentioned things. Keep practicing until you achieve what you desire in life.

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