A Trip to Clearwater, Florida, will Ensure Memories of a Lifetime!

Now that the two years of covid-induced uncertainty and chaos are at an end, you must be wanting to flee and get those much-needed days (and nights) of fun away from the madding crowds. If you are wondering about vacations near me, there’s one destination that is sure to bring a smile to your face, and that is Clearwater, Florida.

The star of the ‘Sunshine State’

The clear, sunny skies of Florida have earned it the sobriquet of ‘Sunshine State’. Millions of tourists visit it every year to enjoy its vibrant cultural scene and innumerable attractions that beguile both the young and the old.

One can easily call Clearwater the star attraction of Florida. Not just local and national, this city is showing robust growth as a favorite international tourist destination too. And over 95% of visitors say they’d be back!

Why it is so loved

This year-round beach destination is located in Pinellas County on the famous Gulf Coast. You can enjoy its endless supply of sun, sand, shopping, sports, and so much more. Not just leisure, visitors come here for conducting business activities too. After all, there’s much to be said about combining business with pleasure.

It is said that Clearwater offers something for everybody. So true! Let us delve into its major tourist draws that are a siren’s song for people from around the world.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium is dedicated to the rescue and resuscitation of marine animals. Visitors love this place for its fun and cheery ambiance and its two famous dolphins, Hope and Winter, who are featured in the film, Dolphin Tale. You can also see otters, pelicans, turtles, sharks, and stingrays here.

Nature lovers would adore Moccasin Lake Nature Park. Once you’ve had enough of sea and sand, and want serenity and quiet, head over here. This 51-acre expanse boasts abundant flora and fauna and you’ll feel as if you have stepped into a storybook once you’re here. Think creeks, shady oak trees, ponds, nature trails, thick ferns, babbling brooks… all these and more make this bountiful place up. Sounds extremely inviting, doesn’t it?

After an immersion into nature, it is time to live it up at The District! Sitting atop a 30-foot tall bluff, the District ensures mesmerizing panoramas of the harbor and views beyond for you to feast your eyes on while you are window shopping or dining on the mouthwatering dishes presented here. 

And of course, vacations to Clearwater, FL are incomplete without a visit to Clearwater Beach and Pier 60. Most people say they find it the best spot to see the gorgeous orange sun setting down in the dark sea below. 

The cove’s shallow waters and white sand make it a perfectly safe place to enjoy days altogether with the children who love to make sandcastles, play beach volleyball and enjoy water sports. While the kids are having their fun, you can fish to your heart’s content at Pier 60 and catch flounders, redfish, jacks, trout, and more here.

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