A Simple Guide To Help You Buy The Best Photo Frames

For many people, photographs are priceless – after all, they carefully preserve a moment in time for people so that they can revisit, relish, and enjoy it whenever they want to. When photos mean so much, it would be best to preserve their beauty, magic, and charm by framing them. 

Do you have photos in need of frames? Consult this guide before you hit the stores or buy a photo frame online. From being excellent gift choices to endowing homes with an aesthetic appeal, the benefits of a good and well-crafted photo frame are plenty. 

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Basic aspects to look for in a photo frame. 

From the style, size, material, aesthetic value to moulding or finish, there’s a lot to consider before zeroing in on a frame: 


  •  Size of the Frame 

A photo frame will serve little purpose if it cannot accommodate your cherished photo. That’s why it’s crucial to get the size right. Generally, photo frames are available in the following sizes – 8*10, 12*16, 16*20, and 18*24. 

If you find yourself leaning towards square-shaped frames, the sizes will differ again. So, here’s what you can do: measure the photo that needs to be framed, and cross-reference it with the standard frame sizes. 


  • The Frame Style 

Do you want a frame that can be placed on coffee tables and top bookshelves, or would you instead prefer frames that adorn your walls? It would help to have a clear idea regarding the kind of photo frame you want, as you can eliminate a couple of choices. 


  • The Mix and Match Factor 

Let’s say that your living room walls are painted in pastel colours. Then, it will not make sense to have a pastel-coloured photo frame hanging from the wall. Pick photo frames of shades that contrast with your interiors for the best aesthetic appeal. 

Moving on, don’t forget to factor in the colour theme of the photo you’ll be using for the frame. For example, if your image has many light colours, a dark frame would be perfect. A little bit of mix-and-match can go a long way. 


  • The Material of the Frame 

The material can influence many things, with the overall look of the frame being the most important one. Traditionally, you’ll find many people sticking with wooden frames, as they bring a classy yet, old-school touch that has quite the aesthetic appeal. 

For a more modern option, you can consider frames with a metallic finish – they bring sophistication to the mix and are incredibly sturdy and long-lasting. These frames can even survive the accidental push or fall. 


  • The Finish 

The finish or moulding decides whether a frame looks stunning or gets viewed as a damp squib. Look for frame rims that come with a polished finish. Additionally, you can select frames with any of the following mouldings: 

  • Glaze moulding 
  • Maison moulding 
  • Country colours moulding 
  • Metropolis moulding 

It would help to reach out to professional frame-makers in this regard. 


Wrapping Up 

While buying a photo frame online, it can be tricky to visualise certain aspects, like the finish and the moulding and the real-life look of the material. That said, try not to compromise on these factors. 

Apart from the things discussed above, try not to let your budget out of sight. Just think long and hard about the photo frame you want, and bring it home to preserve your precious memories in style! 

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