A Guide Revealing Some Common Myths About eSIM

eSIM is helping customers get a flexible way of using technology in laptops, devices, and phones, etc. This eSIM facility is available on all smart devices providing affordable ways. The picture of eSIM came with the introduction of the iPhone SE, 11, XR, XS, and XS Max. It is used in the place of physical SIM cards making it easy to use through the air. 

To get mobile data eSIM, try Celitech providing cellular data and wireless service at affordable rates. It is a digital-only mobile service creating for using user-friendly cellular data service. It provides the best data provider in a secure environment. It provides both national and internationally cellular plans. Some of the myths about eSIM are listed as under:

  • eSIM is not considered to be private

All cellular services provided by eSIM are not privately monitored using a service provider.

Some privacy facts are:

  1. The wireless data transmission is encrypted
  2. Both physical and eSIM cards made use of the same network as 4G, LTE, and 5G. The traffic of sim cards is similar. 
  3. All the carriers and service providers are bounded by local privacy laws and regulations.
  • eSIM is not secure

Many people think that eSIM is not secure making use of digital authentication and verification taking out physical SIM cards.

Security facts are:

  1. eSIM is stored using a dedicated chip of eUICC constantly built into cell phones for keeping them isolated from all other physical SIM cards.
  2. It makes use of the same algorithms as used by other physical SIM cards.
  3. The generation of eSIM is highly secured with certified servers called GSMA.
  4. The QR code of the eSIM matches with only one device and it is not so with any other device.
  • eSIM gives allowance to only one plan

It is going on for physical SIM cards that only one network is allowed in one SIM card. The same belief goes to eSIM as well for consumers use loT supporting it.

Some facts are:

  1. eSIM chip slot allows multiple eSIM cellular plans depending on the choice of the users. All of the cellular plans can be added on the same device.
  2. Similar to prepaid SIM cards, eSIM provides the facility of topping up.
  • eSIM is considered to be expensive

Many people think eSIM is pricey making it want less than traditional SIM cards. The truth is somewhat different.

The facts are:

  1. eSIM is affordable even with physical SIM cards contributing very less.
  2. You do not have to purchase eSIM by visiting a shop saving a lot of time. It is very easy in activating online.
  3. The affordable eSIM ranges start with $399 and in iPhone SE making it comes as a standard feature.


eSIM can be seen doing so many things but it is simply not for everyone. ESIM technology has come out because of a loT of initiatives behind it. Using eSIM cards makes it easy in carrying and no loss of theft or getting damaged.

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