A Definitive Guide to Do Rockspace AX1800 Extender Setup

Rockspace AX1800 Extender Setup

Performing Rockspace AX1800 WiFi extender setup considered climbing Mount Everest by some users. Are you also one of them? If yes, then worry not! This post is all about making the Rockspace WiFi extender setup process a cakewalk for you. All you are supposed to do is give a shot at the instructions highlighted below carefully. But, prior to performing Rockspace setup, you have to do some basic preparations. What are they? Read on to find out.

Basic Preparations – Rockspace AX1800 Setup

  • Unbox Your Rockspace AX1800

The initial stage of setting up a Rockspace AX1800 WiFi range extender setup includes the unboxing of the extender. So, as soon as you get the extender box at your doorstep, consider unboxing your device. With your extender, you are also likely to get an Ethernet cable or two, a user guide, and a power adapter (in some cases). Be sure that no accessory of your Rockspace AX1800 gets damaged during the unboxing process.

  • Place Your Extender

Post unboxing, you ought to give your Rock space AX1800 range extender a neat and ventilated place in your house. Apart from fulfilling these criteria, your selected location must not be housing devices emanating electromagnetic frequencies, objects containing water, and surfaces that are lustrous. Selecting a central location for the extender can do wonders.

  • Power Up Your Rockspace AX1800

This is the last step of the initial stage of the Rockspace AX1800 extender setup process. In this step, you need to locate a working wall socket in your house. But, there’s a condition that the wall socket must be present near the host router. Once found, connect your AX1800 to the wall outlet and press the Power button. You’ll soon find that the lights on your range extender have become stable.

Moving on, let’s discuss the rest of the setup process which includes the assessment of the http //re rockspace.local web address and known as the final stage of extender installation.

How to Do Rockspace AX1800 Setup?

  • Connect Your AX1800 and Router

With this step, you might have got an idea why we’ve asked you to put your extender in the same room as the host router. The next step in the Rockspace AX1800 extender setup process is the establishment of the extender-router connection. It can be done with the aid of a wired or wireless source. However, if want chose the path of the wireless source, you have to be sure that the extender is in the range of your host router.

  • Access Rockspace AX1800 Login Page

As soon as you connect your WiFi devices, roll your sleeves up as the process is going to involve the use of a web browser. So, switch on your computer and run a web browser of your choice. Well, we would like you to suggest Google Chrome due to its security features. Additionally, make sure that the web browser is not using an older software version. Otherwise, it might stop working. Thereafter, locate the URL field and insert the default web address of your AX1800 extender. Hit the Enter key. Can you see the Rockspace AX1800 login window?

  • Input the Rockspace Login Info

The moment the Rockspace login window shows up, it is time for you to get into action and input the preset admin info of the extender. Relax! You can take the help of the user manual for that. Every single detail of your AX1800 range extender can be found there. After you’re done entering the Rockspace AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 extender login information, consider selecting the button labeled Log In on the computer screen.

  • Get Through the On-screen Instructions

The Rockspace extender login window will shift to the Rockspace setup wizard. On the setup wizard, numerous instructions will show up. You required to follow those instructions and complete the rest of the installation procedure.

All Things Considered

As you can see, a number of steps required to be given a shot to complete the Rockspace AX1800 extender setup. We hope that you’ve read every step carefully and executed the setup process accurately. Once you do that, you can access a super-duper fast internet connection throughout the house. However, consider altering the extender’s default password to avoid unauthorized access. Additionally, keep the firmware of the Rockspace AX1800 updated.

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