A Comprehensive Guide to RXNT EHR

When it comes to making potential and return-generating EHR investments, RXNT tops the chart. It is generally a cloud-based system that has proven its worth by providing clients with what they seek. It transforms the ideas into reality in a blink of an eye, which illustrates that it is centered on assisting care providers. RXNT EHR is custom built to cover for the needs of a broad spectrum of care specialties. 

In true words, this industry-leading EHR is a partner and not just a care provider. Even though there are only 18 specialty-specific practices listed on RXNT, the software isn’t limited to that. This intuitive platform offers a custom solution facility where providers can reach out to the firm, and it will design a personalized solution to meet their needs.  This dynamic platform improves clinical productivity by automating procedures, leading to minimal errors. 

RXNT EHR plays a fair game and believes in full transparency in all clinical processes. So providers can dive into the clinical tasks anytime to see the progress rate. This way, they can also learn how effectively the software is handling the administrative, clinical and financial taks, for it can manage all simultaneously. Above all, there’s a free virtual demo facility of RXNT so doctors can get to know the vendor instead of directly jumping into it.

RXNT EHR Reviews:

While looking into the reviews, RXNT EHR scores the ground for a pool of 5-star reviews backing it. Here’s what clients simply love about RXNT EHR as per its reviews, along with a few limitations of the system. 


  • Its e-prescription feature is lit. The way it handles prescribing is phenomenal, and there’s no room for miscalculation in drug dosage. 
  • Its customer support team is highly skilled and handles all queries with logical understanding without any delay.
  • It is highly convenient to use for staff and assists them with front desk tasks and billing processes. 
  • The layout of RXNT EHR software is pretty impressive and makes navigation easier for providers and patients. 
  • It encourages clients to provide feedback to learn how to improve the EHR services. 
  • RXNT EHR is a low-priced solution but offers tons of efficient features to benefit from. 
  • Assists with staff management and easily assure that the staff is updated on the provider’s day-to-day requirements through emails etc. 
  • There are MACROS that aid in searching for the correct diagnosis code leading to accurate and timely patient diagnosis. 
  • RXNT reviews illustrate that the clearinghouse team stays in close contact with providers to inform them of the payers and other financial processes. 


  • The billing module is competent overall, but it lags under heavy workload, which results in slower bills processing, And this results in delayed payment clearance. 
  • Navigation seems a bit difficult at first, but it’s not so difficult to get the hang of it. 

Pricing Plans of RXNT EHR Software

RXNT EHR software offers a wide range of pricing plans for the healthcare network. By keenly pondering over the needs of medical professionals, this EHR platform offers four different pricing packages. The cherry on the top is, all these plans are budget-friendly, which makes RXNT a low-cost solution. The best part is this vendor offers both monthly and yearly based subscriptions with a 10% discount for the yearly subscription.

Given below are the details of the pricing structure of RXNT EHR

Full Suite

As the name suggests, this is a well-structured plan that covers all critical products required for running an effective clinical practice. It works by featuring exclusive feature-rich modules to guide care providers at every step. As a result, it is capable of transforming medical practices and helping them scale. The full suite is a fully-functional and integrated plan that charges nothing more than $150 for its intuitive services. 

Products included in this plan are:

  • Practice Management
  • Electronic Health Records
  • E-Prescribing
  • Medical Billing
  • Scheduler

PM Solution

This one is solely a practice management solution designed for providers who just need assistance with administrative processes. It is finely designed to include all the services practitioners may need for streamlining their practice. It enables practices to carry out tiresome tasks with simplicity by better managing the business operations and helps improve clinical reimbursements. The PM solution charges $65 per month and thus is an affordable choice. 

The features covered in this category are:

  • Medical Billing & Scheduling
  • Claims & denial management
  • Online patient bill pay
  • Appointment reminders
  • Central billing office module

EHR Solution

Electronic Health Records management is a vital service required to run an optimized practice. Considering this, RXNT EHR offers a comprehensive EHR solution for its clients. This pricing package is designed to fit the needs of all practices and specialties with equal opportunities for availing patient care services. The pricing of the streamlined record management solution of RXNT is $85 per month, which is relatively less than what other vendors charge. 

The features included in the EHR solution are:

  • E-Prescribing (Two-Factor Authentication token for EPCS: an annual recurring fee of $75)
  • Secure document management
  • Customizable patient encounters
  • Online patient portal
  • ONC-HIT certified

eRx Solution

Considering the evolving needs of care professionals, RXNT EHR offers an annual pricing eRx solution. It is developed exclusively for providing effective e-prescribing services to healthcare centers nationwide. The vendor offers certified, HIPAA-compliant prescribing services providing a doorway to deliver perfect medication services to clients. This yearly pricing plan of RXNT EHR costs around $650 per year and is best suitable for medium to large-scale practice. 

eRx solution offers the following services to the providers:

  • Surescripts & DEA-certified
  • EPCS class II-V meds (Two-Factor Authentication token for EPCS: an annual recurring fee of $75)
  • Real-time interactions & history
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Patient-specific formularies

Wrapping Up:

There’s a straightforward conclusion to this phenomenal healthcare solution. It is the best bet for medical professionals looking for clinical services under one roof and at an affordable cost. RXNT EHR is not heavy, even on the financial budget of small practices. The way it modernizes the clinics reveals that it is a worthwhile solution for long-term planning. To learn more delicate details, we suggest providers set up a demo with RXNT EHR. 

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