A Comprehensive Guide to Music Supervisors in Australia

Music supervision companies’ job is to choose the soundtrack for films, TV programs, and advertisements. They have a significant impact on your listening habits and can alter the way you perceive the world. 

Music supervisors select the tracks that will play during different production sequences in collaboration with filmmakers, producers, and video editors to elicit a certain feeling or establish a mood for the on-screen action.

Finding the appropriate audio for a production task is the responsibility of a music supervisor in Australia (P.7). They are aware of copyright and royalty rules formalised by APRA AMCOS. Collaborating with both the cinematographer and the filmmaker to assist set the correct tone for a sequence, and the songwriters to develop the ideal soundtrack for their production, are all part of this process.

Since its inception, the job of a music supervisor has undergone significant change. They now contribute significantly to a movie’s vibe and ambience, in addition to the music.

What Do Music Supervisors Do?

A music supervisor is someone who selects the soundtrack for a film or television programme. Choosing the perfect music or soundtrack to go with each scene in a movie and elicit strong emotions from the viewer is their responsibility.

Directors, producers, songwriters, and music supervisors can have complicated relationships. Whilst all must agree on their prefered soundscape, there is frequently some conflict between all these positions due to each individual’s varying viewpoints on what belongs where.

Here are a few things you must comprehend to fully grasp your responsibilities as a music supervisor in Australia (P. 7).

Prerequisites to Become an Australian Music Producer

Music supervisors command an average annual salary of $45,000 in Australia. It takes enthusiasm to be an Australian music supervisor. Faking it won’t work. This position is perfect if you enjoy listening to music. A music supervisor performs an innovative and in-demand job. To yield results for its clientele, it needs a range of abilities.

An intriguing alternative to working in an office is to become one. Although you may work in an office, you are not confined there permanently. Engaging with tunes is a wonderful way to mix up the routine and make the career more exciting. 

Since you’ll be responsible for choosing the soundtrack for a documentary or movie, you will enjoy a great deal of artistic liberty.

How to Become a Music Supervisor

Here are some things you should understand if you want to pursue a job as a music supervisor in Australia (P.7):

You will require a love of music. It would help if you were passionate about it and well-versed in all facets of it, from the musicians and performers to the current zeitgeist. You must be capable of communicating clearly. As already discussed, this is a crucial aspect of the work. 

Music supervisors should be capable of conversing effectively and confidently with individuals who may not share their excitement for melody or cinema because they interact directly with everybody else engaged in movie production, and they frequently have a little more interaction with individuals outside of the production than the inside.

You should be familiar with the music and entertainment industries and their connections.

This necessitates familiarity with sectors’ history and present-day developments; for example, how might your working environment differ from that of a more recently employed employee at a large label like Disney if you had been recruited today?

Final Words

Music supervisors in Australia (P.7) are becoming an essential component of the movie industry and influencing Australian culture via artistic decisions.

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