A Bit More About Beach Cover-ups


In this blog, Ishine365 is going to help how to select a perfect cover-up. On a beach vacation, you’re going to spend more time on the beach. So there are three kinds of clothing and three styles of outfits you need to pack. First is the clothing for the resort, for the time when you’ll hang around your resort, second for exploring the city, and third for the beach. When packing for the holiday, you need more stuff than merely a swimsuit. Nothing annoys me more than not packing the stuff you need or packing all the things you think you’ll need but not liking anything out of it in the long run.

Why is Beach Cover-up an Essential?

Cover-ups are so important that we believe you shouldn’t hit the beach without them. They protect you from harmful sun rays. Yes, many of us go to the beach to acquire that hot sun-kissed glow, but too much sun exposure is very harmful. It accelerates the wrinkling and aging process and elevated the risk of skin cancer. Hence, a stylish way of protection from the sun is a beach cover-up. You wait all year for the holidays and spend a fortune to get to your dream destination just to relax for some days while lounging on the beach. Then why risk your health? Simple precautions can make your holidays more worthy. For example, you wear gorgeous women’s luxury swimwear with a cover-up to protect your body, an oversized hat and shades to protect your head and face, with flip-flops. This overall look makes you look stylish while being protected and practical!


A kaftan beach cover-up is a short sleeve and ankle-length long flowy attire. It’s a longer version of the tunic. It’s a traditional attire worn in Africa, Morocco, and the Middle East. They have wide popularity as plus-size cover-ups. They are perfect for casual as well as formal looks. This comfortable, breezy, and luxurious attire is perfect and reliable for special beach occasions. Paired with jewelry, accessories, and a trendy beach bag, it gets you ready for the beach party. If you’re looking for a long ankle length and long sleeve dress that offers more coverage from the sun, then the kaftan is the best option. Kaftans offer a very luxurious vibe, and they are the most glamorous kind of beach cover-up.


Nowadays, one-piece outfits like rompers, playsuits, pantsuits, jumpsuits, etc., are hot-trending as beach cover-ups. They come in different styles like the asymmetrical neckline, strapless, backless, sleeveless, and full coverage. Beach playsuits are usually made of lightweight materials, perfect for hot summers. You can also buy crocheted women’s luxury swimwear or cover-up as well as embellished with laces. One of the best qualities is that it’s perfect for all body types. You can find a formal dressy one for beach dinner dates or parties. 


Robes are usually made up of the same material as towels, so if you want to keep warm after playing in the pool or beach, robes are the best cover-ups as they have high absorbency and dry you up quickly. These are available in different styles like kimono robes and hooded robes. They provide adjustable fit and provide good personal changing space. You can easily change in and out of your wet swimsuit, even in public. Check Ishine365 to check and shop your favorite cover-ups and swimwear.

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