9 Tips For Writing an Awesome Guest Post


Have you ever been invited to post on another website? This is called a guest post. Guest posting services are a great way to get your name out there. It can also help generate traffic to your website. If you have been asked to write a guest post, I have 9 tips for writing an awesome one.

Make sure that the post is relevant to your niche. This is important for your reputation as well as for SEO purposes. If you are an author who specializes in romance novels, you wouldn’t want to write about exotic flowers in Belize.

When you are writing content, always try and make it “evergreen”. This means that the content will be equally as relevant in five years as it is today.

Be sure and include at least one link back to your own site (preferably in the first paragraph). Don’t overdo it with too many links or Google may decide that your article is spammy and not index it. Also, make sure that these links are relevant to the topic of the article. Don’t place an affiliate link for a dog food company if the article is about gardening. This looks unnatural and very spammy.

01. Include a great headline

Keep your headline short and sweet, but intriguing enough to make the reader want to read on. You have about five seconds to grab a reader’s attention, so make it count. According to many of the best link building services providers, a good headline tells the reader what it is about, possibly with a bit of intrigue — or mystery.

02. Use subheads to draw readers in

When there’s no subhead, people may skim over your article without reading it at all. Subheads break up the copy and allow readers to get the gist of the story quickly. They also help you organize your thoughts as you write the piece.

03. Do some research

Look at what people are writing about on the blog you want to guest post for. Take a look at how many comments each post gets, which ones get shared on social media etc. This will give you a good idea of what kind of content the readers of the site enjoy

04. Write something similar but different

If readers like certain things, then it makes sense for you to write about those things, but your post should offer something new or at least take a different approach from what’s already been done.

05. Your headline should grab the reader’s attention

It’s important to find the right balance between writing something that is vague enough that the reader can relate to it, yet specific enough that they know what to expect.

06. Add value

Don’t plagiarize other people’s work or write things that aren’t true just so you have something to say – make sure your content adds value to your topic and that it is unique and interesting!

07. Don’t write a sales pitch

The point of a guest post is to offer your readers value for free, not sell them something. Sales pitches are pretty easy to spot, so if you want your guest post to be taken seriously and potentially shared around, lose the sales pitch.

08. Write something new

If you’ve written an awesome post on a subject before, don’t waste time giving it a new headline and trying to pass it off as something new. Besides the fact that people will see through that, they’ll be disappointed if they come across your original piece later in their online travels. If you do have an older piece with some useful information that you’d like to share with your audience, consider creating an updated version with new information and insights.

09. Find out what’s popular

If you’re going to take the time to write a guest post for someone else’s blog, you might as well make sure it’s about something people will want to read about. By writing on popular topics, not only will more people read your post, but there will also be more opportunities for people to link back to it from their own sites and social media pages later on.

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