8 factors to consider when shopping for rugs online

8 factors to consider when shopping for rugs online

Buying rugs online is a long-term investment, as you pay a large sum in one go. Well, you not only pay for the beauty and colors but the comfort as well. So, picking the best rugs online can be a bit stressful for you. In this case, you can truly benefit from this post. You will learn some vital factors you should know while shopping for rugs. 

Moreover, it is essential to ask yourself some valid questions. For instance, what is the final layout of my room? Where should I place the area rug? Or, is it worth it to pay this much for an area rug? So, there are many such factors to ask yourself before making the final call. Not only the size but it’s material and maintenance matters as well. 

For this purpose, the factors below will help you get the best rug that suits your lifestyle and pocket. Consider the points below:

  1. The room layout
  2. Your lifestyle
  3. Rug placement and use
  4. Room traffic
  5. Rug material
  6. It’s color and design
  7. Care and maintenance
  8. Cost of rugs online
  • The room layout:

Well, always keep in mind that you are adding a new rug piece to your room. So, the rug must do justice to the theme and layout of your room. Whether you can buy area rugs for your living area or bedroom, both require different styles of area rugs. Also, take a look at the area’s current design and layout. 

In the same way, you should decide the shape and size of the rugs accordingly. Also, it must not be too sharp or too neutral for your place. For instance, if you already have a neutral theme going on, go for a bolder accent and style. 

  • Your lifestyle:

This one is the most vital factor in buying area rugs. Your rug style will reflect your lifestyle. Considering your family, kids, and pets is essential while making the decision. That is why consider your way of living before spending that much on a piece of rug. 

So, a home with young children requires varied types of rugs than the one with infants. So, you cannot have a silk rug with kids around. Similarly, buying a jute rug with pets is not a good idea. 

  • Rug placement and use:

It is an important question to have in mind. So, have you decided where to place the area rug? The type of rug you choose relies on where you intend to use it. In addition, you need vintage or classic rugs for a formal room to serve as a centerpiece. On the other hand, you can choose zigzag or bohemian-style rugs for your bedroom. And a large size solid area rug works in children’s play areas.

  • Room traffic:

Before we discuss the rug material, you need to consider the area and its foot traffic. It is one of the most vital things to keep in mind while shopping. Your rug style depends on the foot traffic in the room. If it is a busy area, use rug pads under the pile. Although, high pile rugs work in almost every room. But, low pile rugs in silk texture need some support to stay on the ground. 

  • Rug material:

Talking about foot traffic, here comes the point of its material. Both aspects are in link with one another. So, the thing is that you should choose the rug material based on foot traffic. In this case, wool rugs work best in high traffic areas and furniture as well. But, any fabric will work in your bedroom. But, carefully choose the rug material for hallways and staircases. 

  • It’s color and design:

No doubt, a nice rug color can elevate the entire look of your area. Area rugs come in countless colors, designs, and patterns. You have tons of colors and contrasts to choose from, so have a look at the latest collection at Rug gallery. 

Also, choose the color and design that is best suited to your current layout. For instance, choose a subtle colored rug for a room that is already full of colors. Or, go for bold color and pattern for a dull room. 

  • Care and maintenance:

Just like your floors, all rugs require a certain level of maintenance and care. Depending on the style and material, you will need to have it cleaned at least once a year. So, it is much better to pick fabric that is easy for you to clean and manage. In particular, you have to keep it in mind when you have kids and pets at home. Well, vacuuming is a must daily.

  • Cost of rugs online:

Well, plenty of area rugs are there at many costs. So, you can buy any style that comes within your range. In general, you can expect to pay around $400 for a quality rug that depends on its fabric. A high-end luxury rug can cost as much as $8,000. But, the best rugs last longer than the cheaper ones. 


Let’s wrap it up. Yes, you have several choices in rugs store online. But, keep the above factors in mind while shopping for quality rugs. In addition to the color, pattern, material, and design, consider your lifestyle and room layout as well. Also, keep the budget in mind, as it may be heavy on your pocket. For the best quality and style in area rugs, keep an eye on these factors. Plus, visit the Rug gallery to enjoy the best deals.

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