8 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid After a Boynton Beach Car Accident

Car Accident

Have you ever been in a car accident? Do you remember what you felt during that moment? People involved in car accidents often report freezing on the spot, their minds going blank, their hearts beating ten times faster, and physical pain if they sustain minor or severe injuries.

But this might not be the worst part about car accidents. The aftermath is even more stressful because it involves investigations, medical expenses for injuries, repair bills for damage to the car, legal costs for the accident case, and much more. 

You might end up paying all those expenses out of pocket if you don’t know how to handle these situations. Hence, Boynton Beach Car Accident Lawyers advise everyone to learn what to do or avoid after a car accident. 

Here are some common mistakes you should avoid after a car accident at Boynton Beach.

Leaving the Accident Scene

The first thing you should ensure is staying at the accident scene, no matter how scary or overwhelming the situation is. 

Your instincts might tell you to escape, especially if you think you are at fault. The other party might also convince you everything’s fine and there is no reason to report the incident. But don’t listen to your instincts or the other party, and stay behind until the police and medical authorities arrive.

Remember that running away from the scene makes things worse, regardless of whose negligence caused the accident. If you leave, you can get charged for a hit-and-run case and face serious legal implications. 

Refusing Medical Attention

The impact of a crash sends your body into shock. It means that the adrenaline pumping through your veins does not allow the symptoms of your injuries to show up immediately. As a result, you might feel completely fine after the accident and assume you are not hurt.

Refusing medical help on the assumption that you are not hurt can land you in health and financial problems later. Getting yourself medically examined after a car accident is vital because only a doctor can identify any underlying injuries before they turn severe. 

Seeking medical help also becomes vital evidence to prove the severity of your injuries if you decide to claim compensation. If you miss out on doctor’s appointments or fail to refill their prescriptions, it just shows that your injuries are not serious. 

Not Reporting to the Police

We understand that the moments following a car accident are no less than a whirlwind. But it’s important to stay alert in such situations and report the accident to the authorities immediately. 

Although police officers are not there to build your case, their observation and investigation of the case, evidence collection, and report compilation can work in your favor. 

Police reports can be used as vital support for your insurance claim. Not involving the authorities on time can cause you to lose critical evidence, making your case weak.  

Giving Out Too Much Information

Insurance adjusters will call you soon after the accident to record your statement and try to act as if they are on your side. But remember that it’s their job to minimize your claim in any way possible to save money for their company. 

Do not give out a recorded statement or speak to them without consulting a lawyer. They will analyze every word you say and use it to invalidate or reduce your claim to the minimum. You can convey the basic details but nothing more than that. 

Thinking PIP is Your Only Way to Recover Your Loss

Florida follows a no-fault law, which means the first source of loss recovery for car accident victims is their Personal Injury Protection Coverage. However, your loss can be far more than your PIP coverage limits. 

PIP isn’t your only option to meet all the medical expenses and other accident-related costs. You can also file a claim against the at-fault party if your injuries are severe. An experienced lawyer can guide you on different options to recover your losses. 

Posting About the Accident on Social Media

Do you like to post your life updates on social media? If so, you would also want to tell your friends and followers about your accident. But avoid doing that because any picture or the status of your injuries, your car, or the accident scenes posted on your accounts can be analyzed by the at-fault party and used against you.  

Accepting a Quick Settlement 

Insurance adjusters know that you might be in a state of trauma after the accident, struggling to deal with the medical costs, repair bills, and legal fees. They will try to make a settlement offer as soon as possible so that you accept it without second thoughts. 

However, Boynton Beach car accident lawyers advise the victims not to accept a settlement offer too soon. Once you accept the offer, your case is closed, and you cannot ask for more (even if your injuries or property damage turns out to be more serious than you first thought).

Avoiding Legal Help

Dealing with insurance companies and legal authorities is difficult, especially when you already suffer from physical injuries and mental trauma after the accident. 

Not everybody has the right knowledge to understand and handle legal formalities. Also, insurance firms work with the agenda of minimizing your claim as much as possible. If you try to handle your case on your own, you may not be able to get the compensation you deserve. 

The best way to get your claim accepted is to reach out for legal help right from the start. The longer you wait to contact a legal expert, the less chance you have to recover full compensation.

If you ever get into an accident around Boynton Beach or other parts of Florida, Frank and Kominsky are your option for legal help. They can provide you with a free consultation regarding your accident and make sure you receive the deserved compensation as soon as possible.

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